Hi, I'm the co-commish of a league and we are looking to fill it up before the start of the rookie draft and second season. The league for the first year was sponsored by maddenfans.com and we had a prize of 8000 points that went to the winner. The league has players of various skill levels and is very fun and competitive.

There are alot of good teams open including: Dallas, Ne, Atl, No, Car, Den and a bunch more. We had a full league and now are down to about 12. We are looking to get it back up to 20 or more before we do the rookie draft and the second season. Im not sure if the website is going to put up the prize again for the second season but if you are looking for a fun competitive league post your gamertag and what teams you are interested in here.

The leagues website is here and the first page contains the rules and everything for the league:

New XBOX 360 Online Franchise League - Madden USFL

Let me know if you are interested. Email me at player99999999@aol.com