My 6 year old son, Landon, has decided that since he is so blessed to have a Christmas at his mommy's house and at his daddy's house, he is asking Santa to skip mommy's house this year in hopes that he can give Christmas to 3 kids who won't have one otherwise. Landon has adopted 3 local kids, a 15 year old boy, 13 year old girl and 7 year old boy, and wants to give them a Christmas filled with lots of clothes and toys. He is raising money by doing chores, collecting recyclables, and asking for donations. His mommy has decided to forgo her twice a day Starbucks habit for the next two weeks to get him started.

If anyone would like to donate to Landon's quest, he would greatly appreciate it (and remember, a few bucks goes a long way)! You can send him money directly (I'll give you the address) or you can PayPal his mommy at and she will make sure it gets to him. We will be going shopping the night of the 17th, so he has just a few more days to reach his goal of $200 per child ($100 for toys and $100 for clothes/shoes) and he is almost halfway to his goal. Please help me show Landon that it really is much more fulfilling to give than to receive. you all!