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Thread: VBulletin upgrade

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    Default VBulletin upgrade

    Change log for 4.2.1:
    1.VBIV-15679 Add IE9 Meta Tag to VB 4.2.1 headinclude template
    2.VBIV-15639 " " is returned instead of actual quotes
    3.VBIV-15638 Activity Stream displays m-D-Y h:i A instead of actual date value
    4.VBIV-15620 4.2.1 A1 has no GMT +0 option in the timezone settings
    5.VBIV-15604 Syncronize Bitfields with vB5 to prevent future clashes
    6.VBIV-15523 Reflect COPPA settings in API responses
    7.VBIV-15425 Blank entries in Forum permissions screen
    8.VBIV-15404 Navigation Manager - Pull Down Menu Tabs - other links etc do not display nor does Tab highlight when on THIS_SCRIPT related page
    9.VBIV-15401 Dropdown arrow on tab dropdown menus is poorly positioned
    10.VBIV-15389 Product export does not have tab with menu pull down XML field
    11.VBIV-15386 User profile activity stream Friends tab ignoring privacy settings for friends
    12.VBIV-15371 templatestofiles.php fails on bootstrap load.
    13.VBIV-15368 showthread message formats are missing/incorrect
    14.VBIV-15366 forum.php contains corrupt copyright notice, causing errors on some sites
    15.VBIV-15353 Activity Stream CMS Widget
    16.VBIV-15341 Custom user profile fields don't work correctly on registration with mobile style - missing mobile template: userfield_select_option
    17.VBIV-15339 apitextformat not working
    18.VBIV-15336 login_facebook always returns "badlogin_facebook"
    19.VBIV-15330 Clicking any CMS url loads the front page in IE8
    20.VBIV-15327 call to activity is returning different JSON object graph for albums
    21.VBIV-15326 need thumbnail URLs for attachments when calling activity
    22.VBIV-15325 Upgrade crashes on 4.1.10 Alpha 1 Step 3
    23.VBIV-15318 register_fbconnect does not return values specified in docs
    24.VBIV-15317 api_forumlist is returning empty value in API v7
    25.VBIV-15312 Default URL to link to "My Blog" not working in navigation manager nav links
    26.VBIV-15301 article node id not included in call to activity
    27.VBIV-15300 Doublepost Default phrase is missing Size 1
    28.VBIV-15291 PostRelease doesn't work correctly if admin cp is not in the standard directory
    29.VBIV-15289 HTML data being prepended in all MAPI responses
    30.VBIV-15280 QA Task - Verify Updated Template/Phrase/Navigation Version Number (4.2.1)
    31.VBIV-15273 Database error when transferring group ownership, but transfer succesfull
    32.VBIV-15271 Redirected threads are always marked new
    33.VBIV-15266 Reputation given bit link doesn't link to the post
    34.VBIV-15254 call to "activity" always returns error
    35.VBIV-15239 If you are running PHP 5.2.0 or 5.2.1, an error in the Navigation Manager kills the site
    36.VBIV-15238 Blog Bug When Deleting Spammers
    37.VBIV-15236 Wrong function used for error message
    38.VBIV-15221 register_fbconnect returns empty value
    39.VBIV-15219 Session url is defeating the anti looping code.
    40.VBIV-15217 Default batch size is too small
    41.VBIV-15214 The special characters shows up as HTML entity codes () when calling showthread/newreply_newreply
    42.VBIV-15206 Unescaped dash in is_valid_email() function allows emails with illegal characters
    43.VBIV-15205 Redirect error ("Loop") with content.php as Default Tab since vB 4.2.0
    44.VBIV-15204 PHP Memory Limit doesn't show up in AdminCP due to typo in /admincp/index.php
    45.VBIV-15190 Moving posts results in datatbase error
    46.VBIV-15182 Typo in options_options_wrtlimit_text
    47.VBIV-15175 Flood protection does not work
    48.VBIV-15169 Deleting the default tab results in no tab being set as the default
    49.VBIV-15165 Uninstalling CMS fails with DB error
    50.VBIV-15164 Duplicate post prevention bypassed by doublepost automerge
    51.VBIV-15161 Activity stream not XHTML valid
    52.VBIV-15147 Email preferences specified at registration are not retained
    53.VBIV-15144 Post edit changing post content - %UA is being replaced with line break
    54.VBIV-15138 Default new navigation elements to vbulletin unless in debug mode (ie when developing).
    55.VBIV-15131 Old Navigation elements are not removed in certain circumstance
    56.VBIV-15107 Double Post Prevention - Merged Post updated timestamp not reflected in threadbits
    57.VBIV-15100 Activity stream doesn't contain title's prefix on results
    58.VBIV-15099 Activity Stream Forum Sidebar
    59.VBIV-15098 See more icon in rtl
    60.VBIV-15095 Add slider effect and auto populate new activity
    61.VBIV-15094 Activity Stream photo comment templates need to include the owner of the album for information purposes
    62.VBIV-15093 Activity Stream needs protection against loading a large amount of "New Activity" items
    63.VBIV-15092 Who Visitid Collapse/Expand Image is slightly mis aligned
    64.VBIV-15089 Change maximum allowed activity stream Items Per Page to 150 (from 30)
    65.VBIV-15085 Remove legacy template hooks in Navbar_tabs template
    66.VBIV-15079 Navigation Tabs Should Utilize Datastore
    67.VBIV-15071 Show "No Results" rather than "No More Results" when there is no activity
    68.VBIV-15070 Add maximum limit of items that can be displayed in the activity stream
    69.VBIV-15063 Can't change navigation links into non-english letters
    70.VBIV-15023 Add option for tab to be a drop down menu
    71.VBIV-15004 Photos vs Pictures - Inconsistent naming
    72.VBIV-14981 Allow a target to be set in the Navigation manager URL
    73.VBIV-14829 blog_blog should also return non html version of the message
    74.VBIV-14785 Search criteria threadstart does not work(misprint)
    75.VBIV-14749 Global ignored users posts show in Recent Posts Widget
    76.VBIV-14744 Blog image used in CMS templates for edit comment link icon
    77.VBIV-14741 Find Update Templates doesn't work for imported older version custom styles
    78.VBIV-14727 Code error in vb/collection.php
    79.VBIV-14669 Typo in the phrase setting_forumrunner_exclude_desc
    80.VBIV-14655 forumrunner_exclude_no_forums wrong phrase group
    81.VBIV-14650 Double code in stylegenerator.css
    82.VBIV-14636 Wrong redirection on search template
    83.VBIV-14635 User profile customization text color "inherit" replaced with "transparent", which results in invisible text!
    84.VBIV-14628 includes\xml\product-forumrunner.xml - typo and redundant closing parenthesis in some phrases
    85.VBIV-14620 Poll Widget doesn't correctly count votes of multiple choice polls
    86.VBIV-14619 Extra "<" character in blog_comment template
    87.VBIV-14617 Useless condition in vB_Mail
    88.VBIV-14616 Incorrect id in templates blog_comment_deleted and blog_comment_ignore
    89.VBIV-14615 "Permanent" label not showing in Latest Infractions Received for infractions that never expires
    90.VBIV-14580 Threads by globally ignored users are displayed in search results
    91.VBIV-14576 MAPI: Avatars not always present
    92.VBIV-14557 Add New Setting Group Duplicate Primary Key Database Error
    93.VBIV-14555 'newuser' phrase doesn't show full member URL when registration via FB Connect
    94.VBIV-14522 Image Settings popup doesn't open and throws script error in IE8
    95.VBIV-14508 Some editor CSS sheets are missing cache busters when storing css stylesheets as files
    96.VBIV-14507 if (!yuicombopath) document.write JavaScript is missing ?v={vb:raw vboptions.simpleversion}
    97.VBIV-14501 Emptying inline thread title box shows loading image forever when closing the box
    98.VBIV-14500 Can't customize blog from public albums
    99.VBIV-14491 The phrase "can_edit_privacy" have html tag without a closer
    100.VBIV-14489 Facebook Privacy shows a blank page when not FB connected
    101.VBIV-14475 URL inaccessible with IE < 9 if the highlight parameter has a word with non-English characters
    102.VBIV-14466 Missing in SHOWTHREAD Template
    103.VBIV-14447 Incorrect user name link in "Post a User Note for X" when posting a new user note in mobile style
    104.VBIV-14403 General Search set to return Forum Posts doesn't show thread/post titles if they have non-English characters
    105.VBIV-14398 Useless code in vB_Collection class
    106.VBIV-14397 Deleted users do not display correctly in "Who Posted?"
    107.VBIV-14394 vBCms_Search_Result_Article
    108.VBIV-14391 Wrong $wasssupermod variable in class_dm_user
    109.VBIV-14390 $vbprhase not in scope in vB_APIMethod_api_forumlist_4::getforumlist
    110.VBIV-14386 false variable used in functions_online.php
    111.VBIV-14382 Mobile Style not using Async for Facebook, also causing insecure warnings over secure connections
    112.VBIV-14372 General Search Widget Set to Return Articles Doesn't Correctly Show Time
    113.VBIV-14339 Missing end bracket in 'setting_cookiedomain_desc' phrase
    114.VBIV-14310 Login isn't available in mobile style if the vbulletin is closed
    115.VBIV-14306 Can't open image attachment settings dialog in IE8
    116.VBIV-14301 Ignored user CMS comments - formatting issues and bad links
    117.VBIV-14290 'Marking as read' doesn't work if the forum parent is set as a category
    118.VBIV-14280 No usergrouptitle for facebook users
    119.VBIV-14267 Non existing .js files included in socialgroups_picture template
    120.VBIV-14124 Phrase: "You are not a member of any groups" in another user's profie
    121.VBIV-14086 templateversion check does not recognize 4.1.10
    122.VBIV-14052 WYSIWYG mode slaughters preformatted text
    123.VBIV-13908 Some time zone locations are not correct
    124.VBIV-13904 White line space between threadbits
    125.VBIV-13810 Facebook migrating Apps to OAuth2. Review vBulletin for any action needed.
    126.VBIV-13284 CSS saved as files mucked by write_style_css_directory() function
    127.VBIV-13199 "Delete this Message" button in private messages deletes also any message previously selected in the PM list
    128.VBIV-12928 Add LIMIT to fetch_*info Functions
    129.VBIV-12544 RTL - User Profile Customization buttons results in blank page when using Chrome
    130.VBIV-10840 usercp_shell template generates reference to non-existent file when Store CSS Stylesheets as Files option is enabled
    131.VBIV-9926 "Viewing Blog Entry" on Who's Online Has No Link to the Blog Entry
    132.VBIV-7535 Validation errors in Style Generator
    133.VBIV-5294 Fatal error in blogs if an user with blog entries is deleted while the blog product is disabled
    134.VBIV-4716 Forum List Not Indented When Moving/Copying/Merging Threads
    135.VBIV-4096 Using a Background Image in Customize Blog Style always returns an error when attempting to save it
    136.VBIV-618 "Use Custom Avatar" not checked by default
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    Is this thread a come on to the techies on the board?

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