So, getting an AHL franchise in St. John's Newfoundland was pretty awesome. The city has very much embraced the team and are supporting them to the max. It's pretty wild actually.

Having said that, as great as having the IceCaps in town, the biggest thrill for me was getting to see Manchester play. This is likely the closest I'll ever get to seeing the Kings afterall, and I definitely took the chance to get as close as I can. After being a fan for 20 years living so far away, how could I not!? I only managed to see two of the four games here in Newfoundland but getting to see some of the lads was fun, fun fun!

Being the only person in the stadium cheering for Manchester was kind of interesting, let me tell you. As I mentioned, the city has very much supported the IceCaps and are very much into the games. It's great, but yeah, there were glaring eyes when I cheered for Zatkoff when he made beautiful saves or the lovely Manchester goals but all in good fun of course.

Anyway, I've been wanting to come here and talk about this all season but am now only getting the chance. All in all, it was two great nights and the the future is still pretty bright for LA me thinks. Hopefully I'll be able to catch all 4 next year!