On the album Chavez Ravine, his 2005 ode to one of Los Angelesís most venerable old neighbourhoods, Ry Cooder includes a wonderful, wistful track called 3rd Base, Dodger Stadium, which lyrically goes around the horn of that famous ballpark and conjures up a time in the 1950s when it was just a playground: ďAll the fellows choosing up their teams / hand over hand on that Louisville / crowning the top, kind of the hill / mound to home, 60 feet.Ē

Over time, Dodger Stadium has played host to Pope John Paul II and the Beatles, Real Madrid and Juventus soccer. Fleetwood Mac recorded there and movies from Transformers to Rock of Ages were filmed there.

But on Jan. 25, Dodger Stadium will go back to being a playground of sorts when it plays host to perhaps the most unusual event in its history: an outdoor ice hockey game between the L.A. Kings and Anaheim Ducks.

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