The great part of watching the Olympics -- be it the Summer Games or Winter Games -- is that I find myself enjoying every event that is on at that exact time. Whether it's bobsledding, team ice dancing or the biathlon, I can't help but get hooked into watching because these athletes have been living every day of their lives for the last four years for this moment.

Itís incredible. You can feel the passion and the excitement and, for a lot of the events, I find it hard not to root for everyone because as an athlete you know the sacrifices they have made to be on this stage and perform at this level. Getting to the Games is such a huge accomplishment in itself that it becomes hard not to be happy for all the athletes involved.

The athletes aren't the only ones making sacrifices. The NHL allows the league to shut down for three weeks so the countries can pull the best players from around the world and let them showcase their skills.

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