When the Pittsburgh Penguins took the ice at the Los Angeles Kings' practice facility, some of Rob Scuderi's teammates asked him about the enlarged photo that hangs on the wall between the benches.

It's the team photo taken after Scuderi and the Kings won the 2012 Stanley Cup, and Craig Adams seemed to be giving Scuderi a hard time about his inconspicuousness because Scuderi is barely visible in the back.

"I think they were asking me why I wasn't a little closer to the Cup," Scuderi said. "I'm more of a back-row guy so I was kind of tucked away in the back. I'm still in there."

That really sums up Scuderi's four-season stint in Los Angeles, where his stability and leadership weren't necessarily front and center but absolutely were integral to the Kings capturing the first Cup in franchise history.

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