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Thread: What are you reading? What was the last book you enjoyed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adgy-san View Post
    I've read the first 4 books of Northlanders and loved the **** out of them. Still need to get caught up on the rest.
    If you like viking stories, check out Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Chronicles. He's one of my favorite historical fiction authors, and this is my favorite of his series.

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    Had been wanting to read this for quite awhile. It was the basis for the film Field of Dreams and it is quite a bit different from the movie in a good way.

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    I have been reading a couple "self help" books recently and found this one to be the best so far. It's a pretty quick read and the way he writes is very entertaining, lots of great laughs inside. His approach to life is terrific and am really looking forward to following his road to "awesome".

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    I finished The Scalped comic series.

    There are moments throughout that series are truly EPIC! Definitely one of the best series to come out of Vertigo as of late.

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    I liked Insignia. A weird sort of Ender's Shadow vibe but on a bit more simplified level. Taking on the sequel. so far so good

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    ****in' GREAT.

    Now starting this:

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    I've been neglecting to what I've been reading but I guess it is not a big deal since I have simply been running through the books of the same author. Once I find an author I like I tend to run through all their books in order before picking up other books, I still have to read a few more of his so I stick with him untill I am done. As I said before the guy is great sci-fi writer, quickly becoming one of the foremost writters in the hard sci fi genre.

    I finished Alastair Reynolds "Known Space" trilogy

    Chasm City, set in the Known Space universe but a stand alone.

    Galatic North, a collection of stories set in "Known Space"

    Pushing Ice- not set in his "Known Space" universe but a good story.

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    Re-re-re-re-reading it in advance of the movie's release on 11/1.
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