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Thread: What are you reading? What was the last book you enjoyed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adgy-san View Post

    ****in' GREAT.

    Now starting this:

    Carrion Comfort is tasty. Simmons' other work is solid too. Enjoy.

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    Trying out Whistling Vivaldi since Berkeley passed it out to all their employees. Could be interesting, or crap

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    Saw this on my kindle suggestions and picked it up and so glad I did. If anyone here is a fan of stories with not so happy endings that have a twilight zone feel, you'll love this book. The only draw back regarding this author that I see on Amazon is that most of his work is compiled in compilations with other authors.

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    Currently reading Jesse Ventura's new book. "They Killed Our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK". Should be mandatory reading by all. Especially with the 50th anniversary coming up.

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    Enjoyable, but might be biased. And because Strike is pretty much Moody.
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    Snuff by Chuck Pahlaniuk. There's not a whole hell of a lot to this book, as it almost exclusively takes place in one room and is told in alternating chapters from the viewpoints of four different characters. It IS pretty funny, though. It was a quick, easy and enjoyable read which was exactly what I was looking for when I picked it up. It's nowhere near his best, but if you want to read some funny porn stuff, this is for you.

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    AWESOME so far.
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    2nd volume in the trilogy. Excellent narrative of the Italian campaign.

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    [Book Review] Stephen King's 'Doctor Sleep' -

    Got this one on tap...have to get back into reading mode again.



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