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Thread: What are you reading? What was the last book you enjoyed?

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    King of NY


    Tortilla Flat (Big Steinbeck fan but not even close to his best work)
    Outline of the Law of Contracts by Conway (Bland and tasteless as stale crackers)

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    Was referred to Mary Karr's memoir "The Liars' Club." (Wow!) Just finished today and am starting on her second, "Cherry."

    Before these, I just reread Louise Erdrich's "The Bingo Palace." She is so unbelievably amazing. Last week finished her "Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse." "Love Medicine" is my favorite.

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    just finished the story of Herman Being. It was a required reading for my music class, but the story within the book was very good and kept me wanting to read more.
    "Is part of the charlies angels from LGK known as Lice, G4K and Aerogirl!" Mr.Toad88

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    Im reading

    The fire from within
    Carlos Cataneda

    its a book in a series, although I dont read them in specific order, My friend gives them to me in a order he wants me to read them .. its kind of wierd but he always picks out good books for me, he seems to have more time to look for good books.

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    Mrs. Yog


    Oh, KingsNut..
    Song of Susannah is absolutely WONDERFUL. I re-read Desperation yesterday and today to re-familiarize myself with some of the symbols in SOS.
    Given the mixed reviews for Da Vinci code, I think that I will pass. I want a book that I can immerse myself into, without noticing that time is passing. Doesn't sound like that's the book I want to read next.

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    If you like Stiff,which I loved, there's also a new one similar to it called Corpse, and one I just finished called Death's Acre about the Body Farm.

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    A collection of HP Lovecraft's short stories. I have't read any Lovecraft before. Very interesting stuff. I love authors who create whole worlds (or universes)...

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    i just finished:

    the lovely bones ~ anne sebold
    master and commander ~ patrick o'brian
    the goblet of fire [for like the 4th time just cause i was bored]
    digital fortress - d.brown

    i've just raided my best friend's personal library so now i have plenty of books but right now i'm reading:

    the end of the affair - graham greene
    the sixth hp book (cause honestly i've only read it once and in twenty -four hours, so i'm reading for detail now)
    homicide: life on the killing streets - david simon
    daniel deronda - george eliot

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    I recently finished Angels & Demons. Very good, quite a page turner. Now I'm reading The Bourne Supremacy before I can see the movie. Very different from the movie. It was written in the height of the cold war, but the movies are based on the character and are written to fit into the current decade.

    I'm also relistening to The Great Hunt, book 2 in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, since it takes like a decade for this guy to write a book. So far he's up to 10 books and looks like at least another 2 to go, plus the 3 prequels he is going to write Good fantasy series.

    We listen to books on tape in the car, especially during hockey season, since we live in Ventura. Good way to spend long drives

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    I just started Dan Brown's Digital Fortress. So far so good.



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