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Thread: What are you reading? What was the last book you enjoyed?

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    I recently read Brett Favre's autobiography from a few years back.
    Really good book and gives a lot of insight to his problems off-the-field.

    All football fans should pick it up/check it out..

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    I'm about halfway through this right now.

    ****in' weird.

    Ryu Murakami is the guy who wrote Audition, by the way. Wish someone would translate that and release it out here...

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    Half-way through Guns, Germs and Steel. About damn time I read it...

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    Golf is not a game of perfect, by Dr. Bob Rotella.

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    Iron Duke


    Quote Originally Posted by bodycheck View Post
    just finished the 1993 Neal Stephenson Classic: Snow Crash

    going to move on to Cryptonomicon next and work my way thru his other titles...

    good stuff
    Actually reading Diamond Age right now by Stephenson.

    Just finished the Sprawl Trilogy by Gibson:
    Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive. All I can say is they are the very best in literature I have read in a long time.

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    Just read Stephien Kings Everythings Eventual. The story 1408 scared the crap out of me. I suggest read the story while downing a few brews while listening to Skinny Puppy right before bedtime. You should have some awesome dreams

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    Just starting a re-read of "God Knows" by Joseph Heller. One of my all time favorites.

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    I have read a number of books since my last post. And I am also somewhat behind on my reading due to my second daughter being born.

    But one that I just finished that was pretty good.........

    "Among The Thugs" by Bill Buford. Buford is an American living in England who became interested in soccer hooligans and became part of their world.

    One I just started....

    "The Hunter, The Hammer, and Heaven: Journeys to Three Worlds Gone Mad" by Robert Pelton Young.

    Pelton is the author of the book "The World's most Dangerous Places" and the "star" of the cable show of the same name. This guy goes to places normal people flee from. He will enter war zones, and "ride along" with troops on patrol, visit and interview rebel forces ect ect. He sort of like an Indiana Jones type of guy.

    I am reading the "Hunter" part of the book which is his visit to Sierra Leone after "peace" broke out. Sierra Leone was hell on earth in the late '90s with a vicious civil war: rebel forces would kidnap children and force them to fight, often high on drugs, chop off the hands of civilians, light people on fire, rape , murder ect ect. Government troops were often inept, countries like Nigeria sent in forces to keep the peace but Nigerian troops were often more interested in drugs and selling diamonds then fighting rebels. It was not until South African mercenaries were hired to deal with the rebels that order was restored. Young traveled the war torn country and wrote about his experiences with the like of mercs, UN officials, diamond smugglers, mystical tribal fighters and other odd folks. A pretty good read.
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    The End of Education - Neil Postman .... If you are an educator or interested in a great social commentary on the purpose of education.. college students take note.

    and as for fiction
    The Ruins by Scott Smith... ugh ugh ugh.... barely got through it. His book a Simple Plan was excellent had good character development.

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    Anyone know of any books to read on Hockey scouting and evaluating talent? Can't find those type of books anywhere? Your help is appreciated...



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