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Thread: The recommend-a-beer thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerMan View Post
    This has become my everyday beer, replacing their Pale Ale. I love this stuff. Somebody also posted their Harvest Ale. Great, great stuff as well. Go and find their Torpedo as well. Not a bad beer in the lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obejuan View Post
    Alright Dunkel fans.(Especially Beerman and AB$) This is very good Dunkel. I like it as much as Hofbrau's. Definitely better than Warsteiner's

    The beer is organic now, the bottle is a little different

    Giant pic alert of new bottle design

    Great beer! Almost too good
    Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr ,and Ayinger all make excellent Dunkels. All are available in the States in bottle as well. Sometimes you will find a good beer place that has all 3 on tap and you can do a side by side tasting. Love that clove and banana aroma. As a side note, if you can make it to Germany for Oktoberfest - GO. It is worth the money spent to at least make it once in your lifetime. You can try all of these on tap along with the the Marzens from all the Munich breweries. Beer heaven and pork knuckle sandwich heaven.

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    Went to a cigar gathering last night and had a Blue Moon, Widimer, and a Gosser, all on draft. All of them were good but the Gosser was exceptional! I'll have to look for that next time I make a beer run.

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    picked up Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball. Can't wait to see how this year's batch is.

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    After some pick up hockey last night the crew and I headed to Spikes in SLO and had a few pitchers. I'm the beer snob but I didn't get to pick all the pitchers. The one I did get to pick, Bear Republic Apex IPA, was farging spectacular. All the guys agreed we should have been drinking just that as long as they had it there. I've never been to Healdsburg but when I take my Sierra Nevada pilgrimage this Spring I am definitely going to make Bear Republic a side trip. The Apex was amazingly fresh smelling and the hops hit you from about a foot away. And it wasn't an overpowering, too much hop in your face aroma. It was a very pleasant sticky/resiny, citrusy, a bit floral maybe pine aroma - just very fresh hop smelling. The pine/citrus flavor of the hops was delicious and for a highly hopped ale is was surprisingly light and fresh on the palate. They have done a great job of balancing the hops with a smooth malty finish. I love this beer. It stands right up there with my favs from Sierra Nevada. Wow. Seriously, it was a wow beer. Try and find it if you can. I'm headed back to SLO later today and will make a stop just to grab another pint. It is THAT good.

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    The Hairy Eyebal is great again this year. Like the sweet taste with the hop finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchrock View Post
    The Hairy Eyebal is great again this year. Like the sweet taste with the hop finish.
    Tried that when I went to Beachwood BBQ last week. Fantastic beer.

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    I BELIEVE I'll have another beer!



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