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Thread: The recommend-a-beer thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerMan View Post
    the 120 Minute IPA was a nice beer. malty and sweet with subtle hints of 18 holy **** % alcohol. it's a nice kick.

    Nice went there last year for my birthday.

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    International IPA Day is this Thursday. go celebrate by enjoying your favorite IPA.

    Lucky Baldwin is holding the Belgian Beer Festival this coming weekend. all three locations (Old Towne, Trappiste and Delirium).

    hooray beer!
    I BELIEVE I'll have another beer!

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    Happy IPA DAY fellow Beer Drinkers!

    I've got Lagunitas IPA in da fridge for tonight.

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    Ninkasi Total Dominion IPA, bitches!
    I BELIEVE I'll have another beer!

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    I'm off to the local drinking establishment to enjoy a Wipeout on tap!

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    I will be drinking the Stone IPA I have in the fridge for the IPA day celebration.

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    picked up a 12pack of the new newcastle werewolf... in the fridge getting cold.. be back later

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    I have 2 for you guys to check out. Absolutely delicious.

    Barney Flats Anderson Valley Oatmeal stout: Exactly what you want from an oatmeal stout, dark, rich, sweet aroma. Hints of cocoa, coffee, and some light nutty flavors.

    Probably one of the best beers I have had...and of course..if you have not gone to BevMo to get're not living...

    Samuel Smiths Famous Tadcaster (Taddy) Porter: Roasted rich malt, with a hint of coffee, caramel, and what seems to be a bit of fig.

    These two are a must try for any beer advocate.

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    had me some red trolley ale last week in san diego
    Red Trolley Ale

    i dont really judge beers in any sense other than 'i like it' and 'i dont like it'
    and red trolley ale fits firmly in the 'i like it' category.
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    More like Kings will NOT make the playoffs. You can quote me on that.

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    Sipping on some Peche Mortel. Heard this is one of the great imp stouts out there. Eh, I dunno. Pitch black, creamy and viscous like few others with serious roasty flavors and an almost mushroom like savory mustiness. Reminds me a tad of Ten Fidy. Peculiar for a beer of this style, I'm getting very little sweetness and what cocoa I'm getting is akin to bitter, dark, non sweetened cocoa. I have one more bottle of this that I might try to shelve for a year or two to see if that helps any.



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