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Thread: The recommend-a-beer thread

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    Spent a couple of days in Chicago last week. I drank a ****-ton of Bell's Two Hearted Ale. Believe the hype. It's so good it could be from California...... Also brought back a gaggle of Founder's Breakfast Stout that I haven't tasted yet. I'm assuming I won't be disappointed.

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    One of the bombers I brought back from Chicago was Three Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf IIPA. There is no way that this thing is a 9% ABV. It drinks WAY too smoothly. And what a massive flavor bomb. Huge floral/piney/fruity hop nose - the sort of thing just draws me in quickly. Very balanced, great mouth-feel, awesome bitter hit with a sweet malt flavor from start to long finish. I love this stuff. I wish I had brought a couple more back. Highly recommended.

    Tonight I'll be opening my first Avery Maharaja..........Can't wait.

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    Marin Brewing night tonight at Beachwood Seal Beach starting at 6. On the menu will be White Knuckle DIPA, Brass Knuckle DIPA and 3 Flowers IPA among others. I'll be walking in with a 3 liter bottle of their Quad. One TV, can 99.365% guarantee it will be showing the NCAA games, so no Kings/Blues (I'm DVR'n) but I would bet those will still be pouring Friday into the weekend.

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    Update: 3 Flowers keg was sent to Wood in the Hood (Long Beach BBQ). Great beer, worth trying. Grab the Brass Knuckle and Wimpy Session IPA (Marin/Green Flash collab) at Seal while you can. Top notch. The Habanero Sculpin from Ballast didn't suck either, just enough spice. The Platypus Venom Imperial Stout from Marin was heavy on the licorice; if you like that in a imp. stout, get it.

    Always stay updated:
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    Avery Brewing The Maharaja IIPA...Got to have my first last night and I was not disappointed. First off, the nose was exquisite. I just wanted to keep breathing in the aromas of fruits and resiny evergreen pine with that stiff malt backbone in the background. I knew before the first quaff that I was going to love this beer. First taste and I was instantly reminded of Drake's Denogginizer - only better. A lot better. And I LOVE Denogginizer. And being that Denogginizer is my GF's favorite beer, I HAD to share. Like me, she fell in love with The Maharaja. If you dig big IPA's, this is a real winner. And by big, I mean BIG. It clocks in at 10.4% ABV, but you'd swear you're drinking a 6.5%. It is just so eloquently balanced. Sublime brew. I will seek this out always and when I find it I will buy it by the case. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended.

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    Maharaja is a favorite of mine even though I haven't had it in a while.

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    Tried on Tap...
    -Kiuchi Brewery: Hitachino Nest Commemorative Ale (9 ABV)
    -Kiuchi Brewery: Hitachino Nest Red Rice Pale Ale (7 ABV)

    -Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck N.V.: St. Louis Gueuze Fond Tradition (5.0 ABV)
    Very bitter but it paired well with the sweetness of the dish I had of Chinese Chicken Salad which contained mandarin orange slices and candied peanut brittle pieces.
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    Putting down a Caldera Mogli for the Minny game. Oak-aged Imperial Porter w/ Chocolate. 8.5%. New batch recently hit the SoCal area. Pricey, but yum.

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    Cracked open a bottle of KRBC Winter Ale. Hoppy deliciousness. Not as malty as I remember Citra, with a bit more biting hoppy dryness. Excellent. Jesus F I wish KRBC would have better distribution. Speaking of which, I snagged a bottle of JOIPA which was sitting all by its lonesome on a shelf at Total Wine. Don't know how old it is and didn't see anymore in the whole store, but it's the first bottle I've seen of it in a year. If there was more there I probably would have bought the whole lot.

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    impossible if they were that old. unless you were being sarcastic....

    the other day I was surprised to see bottles of Isabella Blonde at a local shop. first time I had seen those ales out here ever. usually see just the JO, V and the Winter. once found an anniversary release a few years back before their Citras put KRBC on the map for all to see.
    I BELIEVE I'll have another beer!



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