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Thread: ***Soup Recipe thread***

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    I made the split pea soup twice last week. When you buy all the stuff, it makes sense to make two batches.

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    Default Great Turkey Carcass Use

    Chinese Jook It is easy to make and is a spot hitter on a cool/cold winter day.

    Top Recipe 2003: Turkey Jook

    We don't use the fancy rice, just regular white, and only add the sesame oil and garnish with celentro.

    We use turkey legs bought at the store when we are in the mood for it and we have no carcass to use. Note: I find the smoked turkey legs from the store is to salty probably due to the liquid smoke they use so I try not to use them, but, if you don't mind the extra salt, knock yourself out.

    It is a great warmer for yourself or kids before attacking the day for breakfast and reheats very well.

    (or, cold Sat and Sun afternoons in front of a fire with your honey)

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    Making some of this killer split pea soup right now. Got a log for the fire, too.

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    this is a recipe i stole from my mom and improve a few things on it, its Chilli but soup & chilli go hand in hand

    ~10 servings
    prep time = ~15mins
    cook time = 30-45mins
    cost = ~$15-20

    2lbs ground beef
    1 white or brown onion
    1 green bell pepper
    2 14.5oz. cans of Tomato Sauce
    1 14.5oz. can Diced Tomatoes
    2 14.5oz. cans of Mexican style Diced Tomatoes (i.e. w/ green chili's, jalepenos, etc...)
    2 Large bay leafs (or 3 small ones)
    2 14.5oz. (or equivilant) cans of Pinto Beans (drain juice in can & rinse) (or cook & drain 1lb of raw pinto beans but they take longer but taste alot better)
    **2tsp chili powder
    **2tbs red dried chili flakes
    sage to taste (about 5 shakes should do ~1-2tbs)
    thyme to taste (same)
    2tbs minced garlic (or 1-2 cloves)
    salt & pepper
    maybe seasoned salt

    1.) brown/cook ground beef w/ onion & bell pepper (diced) w/ salt & pepper (and a little bit of seasoned salt if you like) in frying pan - drain grease
    2.) get a large pot (i use a 7qt dutch oven that works perfectly) dump everything else in it
    3.) add about 1 - 1 1/2 cans of water (re-use one of the tomato sauce cans)
    4.) add de-greased ground beef+onion&pepper
    5.) bring to boil then lower heat and simmer for about 30-40mins stirring occasionally
    6.) take out bay leafs
    7.) put in a bowl & enjoy with some cheese & tortilla chips

    ** = these are of course how spicy you want your chili. 2 of each is very mild, i usually just eyeball how much i put in there now which is considerably more than 2 of each

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    Default What's your favorite soup? From where? or Recipe?

    I like:

    French onion soup from Mimi's.

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    was gonna say baked french onion soup from pretty much anywhere is the best hangover food

    after that all kinds of soup and stews are way high, especially in Chicago or the northeast where they realize the value of warm soup on a cold day.

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    Matzo Ball soup with noodles from Roll n Rye in Culver City.

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    Clam chowder from Old Fisherman's Grotto restaurant in Monterey.

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    Im gonna say Knoephla soup is one of my favs. Out of the can my fav is Cambells mushroom soup.
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