ESPN Mysteriously Pulls LeBron James Las Vegas Tell-All | WaitingForNextYear

From “apparently” nude women in bathtubs to pouring vodka on the floor of a Las Vegas nightclub, ESPN’s Arash Markazi penned a night-in-the-life discourse on former Cavalier LeBron James and his close friends. But just moments later, he didn’t.

After only several minutes of being a live link on ESPN’s Los Angelese affiliate site, the Markazi piece had inexplicably vanished. ...

(Update: Per CNBC’s Darren Rovell, ESPN claims that the draft of Markazi’s piece was “inadvertently published.” No word on if the image, caption and link to said piece were also inadvertent and if/when the surely to-be edited piece will hit the digital site)

Even though ESPN immediately moved to spike the story, the HTML version soon came out. Here it is: