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Thread: Highlights -- LA vs RM

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    Default Highlights -- LA vs RM

    I really thought it was a great game, and the Galaxy were pretty good too. Man, what a game and tons of sweet and interesting goals too haha

    Anyone here watch the game? Or went to the Rose Bowl because the fans seem like they were having a blast! Too bad I was unable to see the game live today :(

    Highlights: LA vs RM

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    A tale of two halfs. The Galaxy's A team beat their B team 2-0, and RM's A- team (no Kaka) beat the Galaxy's B team 3-0.

    All in all a pretty good showing against one of the best sides in the World. Here's hoping the Galaxy can build off this performance and starting playing better. That may not happen soon since Landon is playing SO many matches over the course of the last two months, but them's the breaks.

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    I was there. Entertaining enough I guess.

    Laughed at the barcelona "fans" from Calabasas running their mouths to some local kids..

    nice to see mathis get a send-off.

    donovan, buddle, and omar got called into the US camp for the brazil friendly, so add a bit more travel..

    More interested in talking to a few officials that brought up Freddy Adu's name with LA a few times...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ucsdguy1 View Post
    More interested in talking to a few officials that brought up Freddy Adu's name with LA a few times...
    There's probably some truth to that rumor. Freddy has tweeted about something big coming up, and my guess is that it's a matter of when and to whom and not if Freddy comes back to MLS.

    There has to be a reason the Galaxy traded Gordon and got Mathis to retire, which freed up about 200K in salary cap room. Some are speculating it's for Ronaldihno, others say Adu.

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    it would be interesting. My only concern - if Adu comes back to MLS he's part of the allocation order, right? I think the Galaxy are way down that list.

    Edit: after some digging, came up with this allocation order as it stands:

    Current Allocation Order:
    1. San Jose Earthquakes
    2. Kansas City Wizards
    3. Toronto FC
    4. FC Dallas
    5. New York Red Bulls (traded with Philly which had traded with DC)
    6. Colorado Rapids
    7. New England Revolution
    8. Chivas USA
    9. Seattle Sounders FC
    10. Columbus Crew
    11. Chicago Fire
    12. Houston Dynamo
    13. LA Galaxy
    14. Real Salt Lake
    15. DC United
    16. Philadelphia Union

    That puts LA near bottom. I am not nearly 100% at comprehending all the allocation or DP rules. It's MLS so big name players can sometimes dictate where they end up in "mysterious" ways I guess. Who knows.



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