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    Default Laydeez Thread - Hockey Hunks and Chunky Dunks

    *FYI: I did not choose this new thread title!* lol

    My Flickr with all the pics:

    Some pics from Friday's practice (unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the awesome mullet pre-game skate):

    Greene's Charlie Sheen from Major League Haircut:

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    And some shots from the Predator's practice session:

    Soccer Warm-Ups:

    Joel Ward in mid-trip:

    Shane O'Brien vs Puck to the Junk:

    Nick Spaling breaking stick & team laughs at it:

    Pekka Rinne:

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    Some nice pics !

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    Great pics! thanks. its fun to see them at practice.

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    ur so kraz e

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    that puck vs. junk series was total LOLz.

    wonder if we could twitter that to him??

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    haha did you ask Stolly and Simmer to give you GQ poses?
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    I've been looking at your pictures on the LA Kings Hockey News site and I gotta sum they're pretty awesome
    Also, I agree with Unruley35 ;D

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    That Stoll pic is my new screensaver. Thank you!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillysPenguin View Post
    That Stoll pic is my new screensaver. Thank you!!!!
    yeah. he's pretty sexy from the collarbone down.

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