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Thread: Laydeez Thread - Hockey Hunks and Chunky Dunks

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    a pierced WHAT??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unruely35 View Post
    a pierced WHAT??
    The small space between the sack and leather starfish.

    It taint the sack and it taint the hole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunchbox View Post
    1) Avery has always been interested in fashion, at least prior to playing with Hank. I think it's why he's butt buddies with lundqvist and it was a helper in befriending fro during his time in LA.

    2) Dave gahan has a pierced taint. weeeee!
    HA butt buddies!

    i did not need a reminder of Dave's pierced...taint!

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    I miss this thread. BUMP.

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    Well since only the men are allowed to post anything hot and sexy this thread died.
    Damn double standards....

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    ahahaha never thought i'd see this thread again. too bad it died.

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    Brijgg it baaaack!

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    too many ladies complained about not enough pictures being posted. i got tired of being one of the only pervs contributing. harumph.

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    plus, we ran out of pictures of henrik lundqvist. and handsome hockey players. *sigh*

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    Just for the ladies and gay men of LGK.

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