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Thread: Laydeez Thread - Hockey Hunks and Chunky Dunks

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    Michael Fassbender, anyone?

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    I would be a happy camper if this turned into a Michael Fassbender thread.

    I love when this thread pops up on my unread posts.

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    Wow. Someone had to dig deep for this one.

    That's it, I'm bringing back the Manscaping thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KRAZGRL View Post
    *FYI: I did not choose this new thread title!* lol

    My Flickr with all the pics: Flickr: SpatzShots' Photostream

    Some pics from Friday's practice (unfortunately I wasn't able to make it to the awesome mullet pre-game skate):

    Greene's Charlie Sheen from Major League Haircut:

    Careful there, you'll be accused of wanting to, uhhh as was said to me in gdt, **** them, which ended my posts there.
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    wow, i was looking for this thread a month or two ago in order to post something spectacular (or at least it was to me at the time) but couldn't find it. amazing skills, job!

    looking through this page... i don't find donuts attractive but that hand sweep through the hair is mesmerizing. i love running my hands through a nice head of hair.

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    Yet no one can dig up the Carter for JJ trade thread.


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    Okay, so it's time to bring this back as we have new ladies who could very much enjoy this thread...

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    OMG where has this thread been all my life?!?!?

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