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Thread: WWE RAW, Smackdown, & PPV Discussion Thread 2011

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    TooCool came dressed as the Undertaker. We have photos.

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    I totally missed that Cena had his foot on the rope. We saw Cena arguing with him about it, but I thought that was just because he felt it was a fast count. Raw should be really interesting.

    Apparently the random dude Kelly Kelly kissed before the match was Sheldon Souray. Guess what Orton said about her was true
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    Punk is GOLD on the mic, calling Nash what everyone has thought of him the past 20 years.

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    Nash was terrible, didn't help that he looked drunk.

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    I would have supermarked if Punk brought up the fact that Nash was the WORST drawing WWF Champ of all time.

    For you youngsters that didn't get to see the Wrestlecrap that was OZ.....billed from "The Emerald City"

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    i dont know who this was, but good for you

    R.I.P LeRoi 1961-2008

    Quote Originally Posted by SmokinJayz View Post
    More like Kings will NOT make the playoffs. You can quote me on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cross Traffic View Post
    I would have supermarked if Punk brought up the fact that Nash was the WORST drawing WWF Champ of all time.
    up until JBL

    I don't know, my enthusiasm has died on this angle quite a bit. It's becoming very TNA, it's taking a back burner to Super Cena/ Cartoon Character Del Rio.

    and the b.s. "backstage machinations" angle which I have little-no interest in.

    I love Punk, but the WWE doesn't know what it's doing week to week.

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    Does Johnny Ace greet everyone with his full name and title? Road Warrior Animal got all the personality genes in the family, Johnny has the personality of a turnip. None of us want to see 52 year old slow as molasses Vinnie Vegas err Kevin Nash in the ring.

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    Gee, wonder who is behind all the bs phone calls and Nipple H. Keep Kevin Nash off our TV.

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    I need to upload my SummerSlam and Raw (San Diego) pics. Also went to the last 2 PWG shows, and they blow away anything WWE does in the ring. Plus I got an awesome shirt!

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