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Thread: WWE RAW, Smackdown, & PPV Discussion Thread 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Young View Post
    I need to upload my SummerSlam and Raw (San Diego) pics. Also went to the last 2 PWG shows, and they blow away anything WWE does in the ring. Plus I got an awesome shirt!

    that is an awesome shirt, I went to WrestleReunion and I was going to buy that shirt but they were sold out so I settled for a ROH shirt signed by Davey Richards, looking forward to your pics

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    For those not into dirt sheets, Sin Cara is currently being played by Hunico out of FCW and not Mistico.

    Hoping to make it out to PWG's next show. Also Jeff Katz's Wrestling Revolution Project is shaping up quite nice

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    LOL Kilq is the sound that people make when Kevin Nash make on their remote when he's on the tv, or when you are walking around....Kliq....Kliq.... PUNK IS GOLD on the mic.

    Nash is just so easy to rag on. Did he put on his Charlie Brown shirt today? He is so slow, maybe they should book an arthritis match with him and Taker.

    Nice swerve guys, now its HHH vs Punk? Here is the gif:

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    Live Smackdown

    If my suspicions before weren't bad....they've taken the hottest angle in years, and made it about HHH. **** this company.

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    Looks like Richardo is a playah, but the mooterus tat is a fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cross Traffic View Post
    Looks like Richardo is a playah,
    Ricardo Rodriguez An Extra In Porn? - Wrestling Forum : WWE, TNA, E-Fed, Wrestling Videos, Women of Wrestling Forums

    More than you know...

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    Do find it ironic that Just for Men is a sponsor of Raw, and Vinnie Vegas is their biggest client. "I made Raw cool again?", no Punk made Raw cool again, the whole thing about a "push"was all so true. Who did that lumbering tool ever put over other than himself?

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    WWE confirmed that The Rock will indeed be in action at Survivor Series. He's going to be on Cena's team. x_x
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    Wink WWE Night of Champions PPV Predictions

    WWE Night of Champions PPV Predictions

    I never did get around to writing my review for SummerSlam and I guess I won't. Sorry guys! I am however going to give that PPV a 8/10. It was not properly booked and came across kind of sloppy. It was definitely entertaining and I had a blast watching it live in person at Staples Center!

    Let's move forward and talk about the Night of Champions PPV. The Pay Per View that has every championship on the line (even though it should happen more often).

    This PPV is promoted pretty well. You have the main storyline in CM Punk vs HHH and all the other matches seem to fill the card nicely. A lot of stars are left out of the show as well if you think about it. We're missing Sheamus, Christian, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, and Sin Cara. Wow, I just listed all the guys from Smackdown. Looks like the RAW guys are all set for the PPV, minus Zack Ryder unfortunately.

    WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Air Boom (WWE Tag Team Champions) vs Awesome Truth

    In case you haven't been following the WWE... ever since HHH took over as COO, he's been trying to rebuild the Tag Team Division because we all know that Vince McMahon seem to hate Tag Team Wrestling.

    It's kind of funny when you think about it. I remember a lot of people b*tching about the division and how dumb it was to have make-shift tag teams. But since the tag division got SO bad, just seeing these make-shift tag teams going for the belts is a refreshing change! They recently took the Tag Title belts off of David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty (both who didn't really defend the title because WWE doesn't know what to do with them).

    Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston is a good start for a babyface tag team. Both are likeable stars who currently have zero potential as main eventers, the tag division is the perfect spot for them. Then we have The Miz and R-Truth. These two stars got lost in the shuffle a few months ago when the Main Event focus shifted to CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio each feuding with Cena respectively.

    The Miz and R-Truth are always entertaining on the mic. R-Truth now has his music again, but there's a new twist to it. The Miz and R-Truth sings to it and insults the crowd using the Kurt Angle "You suck" thing.

    As for the match itself... I don't know what to make of it. On RAW, we saw The Miz beat Kofi Kingston and on Smackdown, we saw R-Truth beating Evan Bourne. All signs point to Air Boom retaining at Night of Champions. If they're serious about the tag division, then it would be wise to keep the Tag Team Titles on the faces for now. However, it's not a bad idea putting the belts on Miz and Truth either. They're really entertaining together. As for my prediction, I'll stick with the babyfaces.

    My Prediction: Air Boom retains the WWE Tag Team Championship by pinfall.

    WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Cody Rhodes (Intercontinental Champion) vs Ted DiBiase

    For the record, both the IC and US Title are still worthless. The WWE just hasn't really given us a reason to care for the title. Fortunately, the Intercontinental Championship is headed in the right direction. Cody Rhodes defeated Ezekiel Jackson for the IC Title awhile back on Smackdown. This is a good thing because Big Zeke is terrible on the mic and did nothing with it.

    Cody Rhodes did openly say how important it is to be the Intercontinental Champion. He has been on a bit of a roll lately too. He even pinned Randy Orton on RAW!

    It sucks that this match was still thrown together at the last minute but there is a mini-feud here, so that's good. As you already know, Ted DiBiase has been useless ever since Legacy broke up. Cody eventually teamed up with Ted again and he has helped "reshape" his career. Cody Rhodes has been somewhat of a "mentor" for Ted until he lost a few matches. Cody did warn him that if he lost one more, he would personally put a bag over Ted's head... and that's exactly what he did.

    Ted DiBiase then attacked Cody Rhodes on Smackdown this past Friday because he apparently had enough of this. Right now Cody has way too much momentum going for him so there is no way he loses the match. Hopefully we get a meaningful feud out of this for the upcoming weeks.

    My Prediction: Cody Rhodes retains the Intercontinental Championship by pinfall after hitting Cross Rhodes.

    WWE Divas Championship Match: Kelly Kelly (Divas Champion) vs Beth Phoenix

    WWE went the opposite direction at Summerslam by having Kelly Kelly retain. I guess they thought she would come off as stronger looking by beating Beth with a roll-up. It would be extremely stupid to have Beth Phoenix lose AGAIN in her hometown of Buffalo. There is no way Beth is walking out of this match without the Divas Title. They need to keep this going. Give Beth Phoenix the title, have Kelly Kelly chase her for it.

    It would be nice if this continued to Survivor Series too. Beth Phoenix and Natalya are sick of these "bimbos" or whatever they call them. So hopefully we can see an Elimination Match of Beth, Natalya, Tamina, Maxine vs Kelly Kelly, Eve, and the Bella Twins or something like that.

    My Prediction: Beth Phoenix wins the WWE Divas Championship by pinfall with the GlamSlam.

    WWE United States Championship Fatal Four Way Match: Alex Riley vs Dolph Ziggler (US Champion) vs John Morrison vs Jack Swagger

    The main focus of this match is just Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. They have a mini-feud going because Jack Swagger is trying to get Vickie Guerrero to be his manager. Vickie decided that she wants to manage both Ziggler and Swagger but Dolph Ziggler for some reason, refuses to let Vickie manage Swagger. So Dolph has been screwing Swagger over here and there to make him look bad.

    John Morrison and Alex Riley were most likely thrown into this match because the WWE are afraid the crowd isn't going to give a damn about this match if two heels are fighting each other. I don't really see any other scenario here other than Jack Swagger winning the US Title. This way, you can have Swagger possibly turn babyface or continue the feud and have Vickie side with Jack Swagger and then you turn Dolph Ziggler face.

    My Prediction: Jack Swagger wins the United States Championship by pinfall.

    World heavyweight Championship Match: Randy Orton (World Heavyweight Champion) vs Mark Henry

    I hope you guys agree with me when I say this... I am PULLING for Mark Henry to win this match! Mark Henry has been in the WWE for over 15 years and he has not done anything. These past few months have been huge for him. He has destroyed Big Show, Kane, Vladimir Kozlov, Johnny Curtis, and Sheamus. Now he's going after Randy Orton.

    Orton will have plenty of future title opportunites. Mark Henry needs to win this to be taken seriously. The only problem with Orton's character is that he is pretty much the Super Cena of Smackdown. Keep in mind that the Hell in a Cell PPV is in two weeks. (Ridiculous right?)

    These scenarios will probably happen:

    #1 - Orton retains the World Heavyweight Title by surprising Mark Henry with an RKO out of nowhere.
    #2 - Mark Henry will dominate this match and have Orton fight back here and there. But ultimately, Mark Henry will win after 2-3 World Strongest Slams.
    #3 - Big Show and/or Kane return to screw Mark Henry.

    I personally don't like #3 at all. You know it's going to happen sooner or later, but I would rather that happened when Mark Henry is the champion. I would love it if Mark destroyed Orton here. Have him look really strong, then have Orton invoke his rematch clause for Hell in a Cell. Have Mark Henry destroy Orton AGAIN inside the cell. Then give Mark Henry a fresh challenger in Big Show or Kane or whoever. Then the PPV after that is called Vengence. If you really want Orton to win again, have him reclaim the title then. At least Mark Henry will have looked beastly in winning the title and defending it once.

    It's likely that Orton will retain for now, but then have Mark Henry go crazy inside Hell in a Cell. I would still rather Mark Henry win now because he has WAY too much momentum going his way. The last thing he needs is a loss to Orton.

    Besides, I can't recall the last time a major title didn't change hands at Night of Champions. Enjoy this Mark Henry! (Hopefully)

    My Prediction: Mark Henry is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion by pinfall.

    WWE Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio (WWE Champion) w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs John Cena

    This match is not going to be very good. Don't get me wrong, I like Alberto Del Rio but I am having a hard time believing he'll win this match cleanly against Super Cena. I'm sure you already know how it'll go too. Cena will start the match strong. Alberto Del Rio is going to fight back and work on Cena's arm for a good 10-15 minutes. Alberto Del Rio will put the Cross Armbreaker on Cena and he's not going to tap out. Super Cena will likely fight back and then Alberto Del Rio is going to get himself disqualified so he can keep the WWE Title.

    Keep in mind that Alberto Del Rio is the WWE Champion because they're going to Mexico in October. It'll take place after Hell in a Cell so I'm certain that Alberto Del Rio will keep it until then. Since I don't see Super Cena losing cleanly, I think he'll win this match by DQ.

    My Prediction: John Cena wins by DQ.

    No Disqualification Match: CM Punk vs HHH
    If HHH loses, he resigns as COO

    This should be an interesting match. I'm not sure if it'll be in the main event, but it probably will be since the stakes are high. Kind of silly how a No DQ match is likely to follow a title match that *just* ended in DQ right?

    Storyline wise, CM Punk continues to say what he wants to say. He doesn't like HHH pulling the strings because it's still too similar to Vince McMahon. He doesn't believe the fact that Kevin Nash and HHH aren't working together and all that. Kevin Nash got "fired" two weeks ago on RAW but since this is No DQ, you know he's showing up.

    The only question is... who is going to win? Will Nash help Punk win or is he going to help HHH? I personally don't see HHH losing this match because he just became COO a few months ago. I don't think that's something you want to "strip" from him so soon. Punk losing doesn't exactly hurt him because he can keep complaining and go from there. Either way, the feud will likely continue until Survivor Series.

    My Prediction: HHH wins by pinfall.
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    I had the misfortune of tuning into TNA while I was on vacation, Sting v Flair as a main event on tv in 2011? Flair is 62 years old and looking the part, he didn't even do the Flair flop properly, he just stumbled to one knee and then fell.

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