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Thread: WWE RAW, Smackdown, & PPV Discussion Thread 2011

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    Supercena gets ADR to tap out? Really? Back to the status quo.

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    Exclamation WWE Night of Champions PPV Review

    WWE Night of Champions PPV Results
    My Review Score: 7/10

    Semi-decent PPV. I was entertained from start to finish but the booking decisions are pretty terrible. CM Punk wants change right? He's got a long way to go because we're still getting the same old crap over and over. I think the highlight of the PPV was having Mark Henry winning the World Heavyweight Championship for the 1st time in his career. Everything else was just there and a little weak.

    WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Air Boom (WWE Tag Team Champions) vs The Awesome Truth

    I love The Awesome Truth's entrance. Nice lyrics to their song and they're funny! Air Boom came out to matching tights, which is pretty cool too. The booking for this match was pretty bad but it was still entertaining. Miz and Truth worked over Evan Bourne for most of the match.

    Kofi eventually got the hot tag but The Miz managed to slow him down... and then the conspiracy started. When the ref wasn't looking, Evan Bourne faked a tag by slapping his hands together. The ref apparently acknowledged the tag because he said he heard the sound of a tag. The Awesome Truth got pissed but worked through it. Then when The Miz made a legit tag to R-Truth, the ref didn't allow the tag because he claimed that he didn't see it.

    The Miz then managed to hit a Skull Crushing Finale on Evan Bourne and went for the cover. The ref however, decided to argue with R-Truth on the apron instead even though Truth kept telling him to turn around to make the count. After about 5+ seconds, the ref finally turns around and makes the count and Evan kicked out at 1. The Miz was pissed because the referee is intentionally screwing them over. The Miz decks the ref and The Awesome Truth got disqualified.

    Final Result: Air Boom retains the WWE Tag Team Championship by DQ.

    I personally didn't like how it was booked. You NEVER want to start the PPV off with a disqualification. The ref screwing The Awesome Truth is fine, but this match made Air Boom look extremely weak. Why not have Air Boom win the match because The Miz and R-Truth were distracted by the conspiring referee? Instead, it was all Miz and Truth and they got themselves DQed. Air Boom didn't really do anything positive in this match.

    WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Cody Rhodes (Intercontinental Champion) vs Ted DiBiase

    The crowd was absolutely dead for this match. The lack of build for the match really hurt. When will WWE realize that you cannot just announce a match two days before the PPV and expect people to care?

    Ted DiBiase just turned face 2 days ago, so that's not enough time for people to care about Ted. The match itself was great. It was back and forth and these two seem to click really well together. Cody dominated most of the match and Ted did manage to fight back a little bit.

    The finish came when Ted ripped off Cody's mask and (for some reason) tried to use it as a weapon. Cody managed to dodge the mask shot and rolled up Ted DiBiase to retain the IC Title.

    Final Result: Cody Rhodes retains the Intercontinental Championship by pinfall.

    Christian and Sheamus Segment

    I mentioned during my predictions that Sheamus and Christian didn't have a match. I guess the WWE took notice and therefore we got this segment. It was pretty pointless but it did manage to waste some time.

    Christian said he wanted one more match and surprisingly got 75% of the crowd on his side and they chanted, "ONE MORE MATCH!" for him. Sheamus comes out and made a deal with Christian. Sheamus said if he helped Christian get one more championship match, and if Christian won the title, then he would agree to give Sheamus the first opportunity at the title. So Sheamus and Christian both got the crowd to chant, "ONE MORE MATCH!" and then Sheamus gave Christian a Brogue Kick.

    I would have liked to see a #1 Contender's Match instead between these two guys instead of a pointless segment. Oh well.

    WWE United States Championship Fatal Four Way Match: Alex Riley vs Dolph Ziggler (US Champion) vs John Morrison vs Jack Swagger

    This match was okay. It didn't really feel like a Fatal Four Way because they kept having two guys laid out so they can focus on the other two guys in the match. Everyone got in some offensive bursts in this match and at one point, Alex Riley almost won the match.

    There was one part of the match where Riley had Swagger pinned and Vickie grabbed Swagger's foot and put it on the bottom rope, thus saving the match. Ziggler got in the ring, knocked Riley out of the way and yelled at Vickie. He yelled, "Did you just cost me my match?!" and it doesn't make sense because if anything Vickie saved him.

    Swagger looked especially strong in this match. Towards the end of the match, he had Riley in the Ankle Lock. Morrison intervened and Swagger gave him the Gut-wrench Powerbomb for his troubles. Swagger was about to pin Morrison to win the US Title but Ziggler shoved him out of the way to secure the victory.

    Final Result: Dolph Ziggler retains the United States Championship by pinfall.

    I'm okay with Ziggler retaining but this story needs to go somewhere. I figured Swagger should win since he's trying to get Vickie to manage him. Having Dolph retain brings this back to square one. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    World heavyweight Championship Match: Randy Orton (World Heavyweight Champion) vs Mark Henry

    Mark Henry entered this match was A LOT of momentum and I was afraid he was going to lose it to Super Orton. The difference between Super Orton and Super Cena is that Orton is at least willing to put other stars over. Some great examples are guys like Christian, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes, and now Mark Henry. Super Cena on the other hand buries people like Wade Barrett, R-Truth, and Alberto Del Rio.

    This match was back and forth and it told a pretty good story. Orton looked like he wasn't going to back down and that he'll somehow find a way to win. Mark Henry on the other hand kept fighting and really showed his strength.

    Mark Henry eventually beat Randy Orton with 2 World Strongest Slams to capture his first ever World Heavyweight Title. Just like when Christian won the title for the first time, I was extremely excited to see someone like Mark Henry getting a chance. The only question is... how long will his reign be?

    Final Result: Mark Henry wins the World Heavyweight Championship by pinfall.

    WWE Divas Championship Match: Kelly Kelly (Divas Champion) vs Beth Phoenix

    I want to go up to the WWE bookers/writers and just slap them silly. What the **** are they thinking? Don't get me wrong, I love Kelly Kelly. She's the hottest diva in the business right now, but she does NOT need the Divas Title. So Kelly Kelly retained the Divas Title at SummerSlam because of a lame roll-up. That won't happen again... right?

    Keep in mind that this PPV is in Buffalo, the hometown of Beth Phoenix. She got a huge reaction and the crowd even chanted, "Kelly sucks!". Kelly Kelly got in a lot of offense and that's fine too. It shows that she has improved a ton and that she can be a force to be reckoned with now. Beth Phoenix showed a little offense and even got in a nice superplex. Both of the divas sold it really well. The finish came when Beth went for the GlamSlam and once again, Kelly Kelly rolled her up to retain the Divas Title.

    Final Result: Kelly Kelly retains the WWE Divas Championship by pinfall.

    Where the hell are they going with this story line? I thought they admitted that the Divas division is a joke and that changes were going to happen? But nope! Instead, they continue to show that the Divas division is terrible and wrestlers like Beth Phoenix and Natalya can't get the job done. No wonder Gail Kim quit. Way to go WWE.

    WWE Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio (WWE Champion) w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs John Cena

    Warning: I'm going to rant some more.

    It's time for the final championship match and only ONE title has changed hands. Boy, the odds are bad for Alberto Del Rio. Before this match started, Alberto Del Rio walked to the ring because Cena apparently stole his car. Really WWE? John Cena is a role model and apparently stealing cars is okay.

    The Buffalo crowd was very Pro-Cena. I would say it was about 75/25 in favor of Cena. Alberto Del Rio did manage some offensive moves but Cena kept fighting back. Ricardo Rodriguez got himself ejected from the match early on but managed to come back to get knocked down again by Cena.

    Alberto Del Rio wasn't able to get the Cross Armbreaker submission on Cena because Cena was blocking it. The finish was quite predictable because it was the usual Attitude Adjustment and the STF. Poor Alberto Del Rio loses his title in just one month. So dumb.

    Final Result: John Cena wins the WWE Championship by submission.

    Michael Cole got so excited saying that John Cena is now the 10 time WWE Champion (12th overall, 2 World Titles) that he lost his voice! It just cracked really bad and it never recovered.

    No Disqualification Match: CM Punk vs HHH
    If HHH loses, he resigns as COO

    This match was a HUGE CLUSTER****. It kept me entertained but I don't quite understand where they're going with this storyline. Also, Michael Cole tried to commentate early in the match but his voice would not stop cracking. I do have to admit though... Jerry Lawler and Booker T took over the play by play and they did a pretty good job. A lot of dead silence early on, but Jerry and Booker eventually found a rhythm and clicked.

    CM Punk got the advantage early on because he attacked HHH right when he spit his water at the ring apron. The fought to the crowd and eventually back to the ring. CM Punk did an amazing Macho Man Elbow Drop from the top rope to the announce table at one point of the match. Then the cluster**** started. I'll label these in bullet points to make it easier to follow.

    - After the announce table spot, both Punk and HHH make it back to the ring.
    - The Awesome Truth attacks both men. Miz attacked HHH and Truth attacked Punk. They hit their respective finishers on them also.
    - Miz and Truth drags Punk on top of HHH. Ref waited a bit but finally counted. HHH kicks out.
    - Miz and Truth yell at the ref. The ref attacks The Miz.
    - The Awesome Truth destroyed the ref.
    - Johnny Ace comes to ringside to check on the dead ref.
    - Punk and HHH team up and get rid of The Awesome Truth. (Truth landed on top of the dead ref outside. Ouch!)
    - HHH gives Punk the Pedigree and covers Punk but no referee.
    - Johnny Ace calls for another ref.
    - Ref #2 comes to ringside but Johnny Ace makes him check on the dead ref.
    - CM Punk wakes up and gives HHH the GTS.
    - Ref #2 makes the count, and R-Truth broke up the pinfall. (WHY? You wanted Punk to win earlier!)
    - HHH hits Punk with a 2nd Pedigree. CM Punk kicks out at 2!

    It was definitely crazy to see Punk kick out of a 2nd pedigree. But wait, there's more.

    - Johnny Ace turns his back to the ring and texts someone.
    - Kevin Nash runs into the ring from the crowd.
    - Nash attacks Punk and HHH. Nash goes after HHH and is about to give him the Jackknife Powerbomb until Punk made the save.
    - Kevin Nash decides to hit the Jackknife Powerbomb on Punk instead while HHH rolled out to the ring.
    - Nash then went to ringside and attacked HHH.
    - Kevin Nash clears the announce table but then out of nowhere, HHH clocks Nash with a sledgehammer!
    - HHH goes in the ring as Punk is getting up. HHH hits him with a 3rd Pedigree and wins the match.

    So I'm going to take a page out of Booker as I say, "WHAT DA HELL?!". There was too much going on and it honestly felt like something TNA would do. Ugh... I knew HHH was going to win, but this thing didn't make much sense in the long run.

    Of course... the Hell in a Cell PPV is in TWO weeks. That's why they're building up for that and just used Night of Champions as a stepping stone.

    Final Result: HHH wins by pinfall.

    It was an okay PPV from top to bottom. It was just poorly booked and confusing at the same time.
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    CM Punk and HHH segment, as soon as Johnny Laryngitis shows up you can hear all the clicks to Monday Night Football.

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    Bah gawd they fired R-Truth and the Miz like really! No way it's not real!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter View Post
    Bah gawd they fired R-Truth and the Miz like really! No way it's not real!
    If they're fired, do they still have to pay 250k each by next Monday morning? Oh noes! They're gonna be homeless.
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    Jerry Lawler was legitimately hurt after taking the Worlds Strongest Slam through the announce table because it didn't break properly.
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    Then Cole tonight mentions that Lawler had "anal bleeding"....tell me I just didn't hear that...

    Just put JR and King together and get rid of Cole....please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cross Traffic View Post
    Then Cole tonight mentions that Lawler had "anal bleeding"....tell me I just didn't hear that...

    Just put JR and King together and get rid of Cole....please.
    I thought that was the funniest thing Cole has said in a LONG time. I mean, they were putting over the Mark Henry smashing Jerry through the table thing. Then Cole says he has inside information on Jerry's health. So Booker T and JR wanted to know what it was.

    Then to have Michael Cole give us the latest news on Jerry and the way he said it with a straight face was hilarious as hell. "Jerry Lawler has bruised ribs... and with all due respect he's also suffering from... anal bleeding". Then you have JR look away and Booker T with a dumbfounded look while saying, "What...."



    The HHH as a terrible COO thing has taken an interesting turn.

    - Johnny Ace is against him and wants to be COO (seems like it anyway).
    - Miz and Truth got "fired".
    - Christian, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, and Vickie Guerrero all think HHH is doing a terrible job.
    - David Otunga is now a lawyer! (I'm just glad they gave him something to work with)
    - CM Punk still thinks the whole HHH/Nash thing is rigged in some way.

    Hell in a Cell this Sunday looks pretty bland so far, but we'll have to wait and see.
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    The Otunga lawyer gimmick could work, but he needs to dress the role.

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    Default WWE Hell in a Cell PPV Predictions

    WWE Hell in a Cell PPV Predictions

    Another PPV, just two weeks after Night of Champions. What the hell is WWE thinking? Keep in mind that there will be ANOTHER PPV (in 3 weeks) later this month! Do they honestly expect fans to shell out another 50 bucks in just two weeks?

    The announced card is pretty bland because it's the same thing we have seen for months now. The only fresh thing we're going to see at this PPV is Sin Cara vs Sin Cara. Unfortunately, that match alone is not going to be worth the 50 dollar price tag WWE wants to charge. With that said, there's also only 5 matches announced. Again, they do not care to book in advance. Why?! Expect Air Boom to defend their Tag Titles against Ziggler and Swagger though.

    Oh, and I hate how WWE keeps airing the Hell in a Cell promo that shows how brutal the structure is. Don't get me wrong, it IS brutal. Especially the Mick Foley matches that took place in the cell. But who are you trying to fool WWE? Ever since you guys went PG, nothing happens inside the cell. Alright, enough of my complaints... time to get on with my predictions.

    Sheamus vs Christian

    Christian has been calling for "One More Match" for weeks now and he asked Sheamus to help him. Christian told Sheamus at Night of Champions that if he helped Christian get one more title match, he'll defend the title against Sheamus. Sounds like a good deal doesn't it? Sheamus, being the babyface doesn't seem to think it is so that's how the feud started.

    Christian ended up getting one more match. He got it two weeks ago on Smackdown against Mark Henry in a Lumberjack Match. But when Christian was trying to retreat, Sheamus attacked him and threw him back in the ring so Mark Henry would beat him. Of course, Christian complained to HHH saying it wasn't fair. It was funny to have HHH tell Christian he's an idiot because it was a Lumberjack Match.

    Later in the night (on RAW) Sheamus then came close to winning the Intercontinental Championship in a Battle Royal but Christian came to Cody's rescue. Then on Smackdown, Sheamus almost won the IC Title again but Christian ruined it again. Christian told Sheamus that he cost him the World Heavyweight Title, so he's returning the favor in costing him the Intercontinental Title.

    This should be a fun match. I like the chemistry between the two guys. I'm not sure what good can come out of this though. On RAW, Christian lost to Cena by DQ. On Smackdown, he and Orton had a double countout. Now on the PPV... will he actually win? I hope he does, my WWE seems to have something against Christian so I'll pick Sheamus.

    My Prediction: Sheamus wins by pinfall.

    WWE Divas Championship Match: Kelly Kelly (Divas Champion) w/Eve vs Beth Phoenix w/Natalya

    Kelly Kelly won at Summerslam when she shouldn't have.
    Kelly Kelly won at Night of Champions (in Beth's hometown of Buffalo) when she shouldn't have!

    Oh gee... what the hell is going to happen here I wonder?

    I don't care about this match anymore. All hope is lost for the Divas division. Beth Phoenix has zero credibility now even if she wins the Divas title.

    My Prediction: Kelly Kelly by pinfall with yet another roll-up.

    Sin Cara vs Sin Cara

    Now this match has my interest. At Money in the Bank, the original Sin Cara got caught with the Wellness Protection Program that earned him a 30 day suspension. He took a huge bump in the Ladder Match so he could be written off as "injured". 3 weeks later, Sin Cara "returned" but it was a guy named Hunico under the mask. He actually performed the matches much better and doesn't botch the moves like the original Sin Cara.

    There were lots of talks that the original Sin Cara (Mistico) is likely gone from the company since the new Sin Cara is doing a good job. Then out of nowhere, Sin Cara #2 turned heel by kicking Daniel Bryan in the head.

    Then for weeks now, we have two entrances of Sin Cara and they keep circling each other trying to confuse the fans. But everyone should know that Sin Cara #2 is bigger than Sin Cara #1. But last Friday on Smackdown, Sin Cara #2 took off his blue mask and he had a black mask under it.

    So now it's obvious for the fans. Face Sin Cara is Blue/Gold. Heel Sin Cara is Black/Silver.

    The heel Sin Cara said something in his promo about the winner having the rights to be called Sin Cara. The match itself should be really fun to watch provided neither men botches things. I expect lots of high flying moves and reversals since they're suppose to be "mirror images" of each other. The feud just started, so we're going to need heel Sin Cara to pick up the victory.

    My Prediction: Heel Sin Cara by pinfall.

    Hell in a Cell World Heavyweight Championship Match: Mark Henry (World Heavyweight Champion) vs Randy Orton

    Mark Henry is finally the World Heavyweight Champion. He continued his terror by inducting The Great Khali to the Hall of Pain. Randy Orton claims that he won't back down and isn't afraid of Mark Henry. Orton says he has been inside 3 Hell in a Cell matches while Mark Henry will be in his first. Orton says the Cell likely favors him and all that.

    Mark Henry says that Orton can't even hit the RKO on him, so what makes him think he'll win? But just as he said it on Smackdown, Orton managed to hit the RKO on him.

    I really hope they don't take the belt off of Mark Henry tonight. A two week title reign for him after he worked his butt off for 15 years is going to suck. But WWE has been known to pull crap like this off. Keep in mind that Big Show and Kane are set to return any day now. The only way I can see Mark Henry dropping the title is if Big Show and Kane get their revenge. At the same time, hopefully Mark Henry can finish Orton and THEN you have Big Show and Kane come back and feud for the title.

    My Prediction: Mark Henry retains the World Heavyweight Championship by pinfall.

    Hell in a Cell Triple Threat WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs John Cena (WWE Champion) vs Alberto Del Rio

    After CM Punk lost to HHH at Night of Champions, HHH put Punk in this title match saying he deserves a shot at the WWE Title. There's another storyline here with HHH being an incompetent COO. But that has nothing to do with this match.

    As for the Hell in a Cell match, Cena cut a typical boring promo about how he'll never lose the title and that he's been to hell before. I honestly tuned him out during his promo on RAW

    Alberto Del Rio has never been in a Hell in a Cell match but he says that will be his advantage. I don't like how they made him drop the title in the first place.. it made him look weak. The Mexico Tour is coming up right after Hell in a Cell so the safe bet would be to put the title back on Alberto Del Rio.

    I just hope the match is entertaining, I honestly have no interest in this match. I don't see Super Cena losing this match by pinfall or submission though, so it's likely that CM Punk is the goat here.

    My Prediction: Alberto Del Rio wins the WWE Championship by submission.
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