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Thread: WWE RAW, Smackdown, & PPV Discussion Thread 2011

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    Looks like you pretty much nailed it TC. What a crazy ending lol

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    Spot on TC, looks like Cody is trying to get fans to care about him by dragging out the classic IC belt.

    The classic design that Santana, Savage, Steamboat, Honky Tonk Man, and Ultimate Warrior wore. Nicely done WWE.

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    Wow, Del Rio got the meh pop from the crowd, the crowd doesn't even care that he is the champion. This whole "suing" angle is a pile of steaming poop.

    Thanks Vince for wasting 3 months with a red hot angle and turning into the HHH show, props you old fart.
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    Sad to see where he is at now.
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    Default WWE Vengeance PPV Predictions

    WWE Vengeance PPV Predictions

    Three more weeks have passed by since the Hell in a Cell PPV and here we are with yet another one. My apologies for no HIAC review. I was disgusted with how everything unfolded. All the hype WWE had going into the PPV fell flat on it's face in a hurry. I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore... I would give the HIAC PPV a nice 9/10 score.

    The card looks very bland for Vengeance. If you want my honest opinion, I feel like tonight's PPV is an extra episode of RAW without the commercials. Half of the matches, we have already seen on RAW/Smackdown for free. WWE just doesn't seem to care anymore about PPVs and just kind of expects people to order it "just because".

    The only interesting thing would be Zack Ryder finally getting a match on PPV. Is that enough reason for me to watch it? Yeah, probably. I do have to say that I'm intrigued with the fact that Dolph Ziggler has TWO matches. Will he leave the PPV with two titles, one title, or no titles?

    WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Air Boom (Tag Team Champions) vs Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

    We've seen this match many times and here we go again. I'm sure by now Swagger and Ziggler are completely on the same page. If you're going to push Vickie as being one of the top managers, then the heels have to win the tag belts here. They said they're rebuilding the Tag Division right? Well, the faces need to drop the titles soon and try to chase after them again if you want people to care about the tag belts.

    My Prediction: Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler wins the WWE Tag Team Championship by pinfall.

    Non-title Match: Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes (Intercontinental Champion)

    Cody Rhodes has gotten the upper hand on Randy Orton the past few weeks on RAW and Smackdown. I'm glad they're elevating Cody to be on Randy's "level". But since this is a non-title match, expect Randy Orton to pick up the clean victory because not many faces are winning tonight.

    My Prediction: Randy Orton by pinfall with the RKO.

    Sheamus vs Christian

    Again, they *just* had this match 3 weeks ago at the Hell in a Cell PPV. Sheamus won that one and I personally think that Christian *really* needs the win. He's been buried big time lately and a nice win over Sheamus will help.

    My Prediction: Christian by pinfall.

    Divas Championship Match: Beth Phoenix (Divas Champion) w/Natalya vs Eve w/Kelly Kelly

    Quick question... did the Bella Twins fall off the face of the earth? Where the hell are they (and the rest of the divas)? No chance in hell Eve wins here. It would be flat out stupid. Beth Phoenix should win this pretty easily.

    My Prediction: Beth Phoenix retains the Divas Championship by pinfall with the Glam Slam.

    United States Championship Match: Zack Ryder vs Dolph Ziggler w/Jack Swagger & Vickie Guerrero

    Woo Woo Woo!!! Zack Ryder is finally on a PPV!!!!!

    The big question will be whether or not he gets to win it. I think he *has* to. Dolph has held the US Title for way too long and I don't think dropping the belt would hurt him because he never defends it anyway. If you want to take Zack Ryder to the mid-card level and give him an ounce of credibility, you need to put him over. Best way to do it would be to have Mason Ryan come out and take out Swagger for trying to interfere. This could cause enough of a distraction for Ryder to hit the Rough Ryder on Ziggler to win the US Title.

    My Prediction: Zack Ryder wins the United States Championship by pinfall.

    World Heavyweight Championship Match: Mark Henry (World Heavyweight Champion) vs Big Show

    This match is going to be ugly... I hope they keep it short, like 10 minutes short. This feud actually has a pretty good build. It was thanks to Big Show's unprovoked attack on Mark Henry that turned Mark Henry into a monster. Mark Henry then took out Big Show, Kane, Vladimir Kozlov, The Great Khali, etc...

    Now Big Show wants his vengeance and wants the World Heavyweight Title. This is another chance to make Mark Henry the most dangerous man ever. Have Mark Henry take out the guy who vows to get revenge on you! (That and Mark Henry needs a longer title reign)

    I can see Kane returning after this match too. Have Mark Henry try to break Big Show's leg again, that way Kane can return and it'll be his turn to feud with Mark.

    My Prediction: Mark Henry retains the World Heavyweight Championship by pinfall.

    CM Punk & HHH vs Awesome Truth

    CM Punk and HHH vs Awesome Truth?! Holy cow, this match should have made people want to order the PPV. Too bad it didn't. Terrible build for this feud and I'll tell you why.

    CM Punk and his pipe bomb thing made it interesting. He called out HHH and Kevin Nash and all that. But after HHH got relieved of his GM duties on RAW, he turned back into a wrestler even though he's still the COO. Now CM Punk and HHH are practically best friends just because they're both good guys.

    Then you have Miz and Truth. These two were awesome because they think HHH is behind all the conspiracy stuff. What made it even more exciting and interesting is when they got fired by HHH. Why?! How come?! That's where they dropped the ball again. We got nothing from this and the only reason Awesome Truth are back is because Johnny Ace re-hired them. That's it? Really? Really?? REALLY???

    So please excuse me for being absolutely frustrated with this match. What is the point of this match? What will happen if Awesome Truth wins? Nothing. What will happen if Punk and HHH win? Nothing.

    I'm just going to go with the faces here just because they're faces... and because of what will happen in the next match.

    My Prediction: CM Punk & HHH win by pinfall.

    Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship: John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio (WWE Champion)

    John Cena is in the main event yet again. Where oh where do I begin? Okay let's see... they made Alberto Del Rio drop the WWE Title at Night of Champions for no reason. Only for him to win it back at Hell in a Cell because they were going to Mexico last week. What did they do in Mexico with Alberto Del Rio as WWE Champion? They made him lose both matches there. Um..... why? What was the point?

    Now I'm sure you all know that The Rock will return at Survivor Series and he WILL be wrestling in the Elimination Match on the same team as John Cena. Reports everywhere say that they're going to build the story with Cena and Rock in the upcoming weeks so all fingers point to Alberto Del Rio retaining and CM Punk will be next in line to feud against Del Rio.

    Then they made this a Last Man Standing Match. Now we all know how Super Cena never loses or gets pinned... so a Last Man Standing match is the perfect match for Alberto Del Rio to win just so Cena doesn't lose cleanly.

    They've been hyping Brodus Clay a lot lately, maybe he returns tonight and helps Alberto Del Rio. After all, Del Rio was his Pro on NXT. Or you can have the heels like Awesome Truth come out and destroy Cena just to set up the match for Survivor Series. We'll see how it goes...

    My Prediction: Alberto Del Rio retains the WWE Championship by knockout.
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    Been having fun watching an online feed of the old WWF and WCW syndicated shows, right now they are in the middle of 1990, Ultimate Warrior's oddball promos, Mark Callous (Undertaker) in WCW sans tattoos, and Ric Flair still being Ric Flair.

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    Anyone excited to see the Muppets on RAW? I know it's an odd fit but I have faith in the Muppets (not the WWE) to do this properly. I see Beaker taking all the bumps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byatch1979 View Post
    Anyone excited to see the Muppets on RAW? I know it's an odd fit but I have faith in the Muppets (not the WWE) to do this properly. I see Beaker taking all the bumps.
    I see animal destroying the entire roster. Then running away with Kelly Kelly chanting WANT WOMAN!

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    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's back!
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