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Thread: WWE RAW, Smackdown, & PPV Discussion Thread 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cross Traffic View Post
    Wrestling legend Barry Windham, 51, hospitalized in Florida following apparent heart attack |

    Get well soon Barry, for a guy that was 6'6" he was pretty agile in the ring.
    He and Mike Rotunda were a gret tag team.

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    Default WWE Survivor Series PPV Predictions

    WWE Survivor Series PPV Predictions

    Been short on time lately so I'm going to rush through this one just because I want to get my predictions out. My apologies!

    WWE United States Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero (US Champion) vs John Morrison

    This match absolutely makes no sense. John Morrison has been jobbing for months and I believe he won one match in that time frame. Then boom! He gets a US Title opportunity. The New York crowd is definitely going to go crazy and chant "We want Ryder" or "Manhattan Screw job" throughout the whole match. Maybe Zack Ryder gets added in this match as a Triple Threat Match. If he does, Zack Ryder will finally win the US Title.

    But if he doesn't, then Dolph Ziggler will easily retain.

    My Prediction: Dolph Ziggler retains the United States Championship by pinfall.

    Lumberjill Divas Championship Match: Beth Phoenix (Divas Champion) vs Eve

    After Kelly Kelly retained over and over against Beth Phoenix, I don't see Beth Phoenix as a strong champion. Plus, no one really cares about the Divas division... so Beth retains.

    My Prediction: Beth Phoenix by pinfall with the GlamSlam.

    10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Orton (Kofi Kingston, Sin Cara, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mason Ryan) vs Team Barrett (Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Hunico)

    Only one traditional SS match? Really WWE?

    Unfortunately, Christian suffered a high ankle sprain about 10 days ago during the European tour so he's out for a few months. =\ So Dolph Ziggler is replacing him in this match and he's working 2 PPVs again. Wade Barrett has been on a roll lately but that's about it on his side. If his team does win, I can picture him as the only sole survivor. But I think WWE will go with the babyface route and allow Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Mason Ryan to be the sole survivors. Yes, I did include Mason Ryan because we all know Vince loves big dudes on roids.

    My Prediction: Team Orton.

    WWE Championship Match: Alberto Del Rio (WWE Champion) vs CM Punk

    This match should be pretty decent and should get about 20 minutes or so. Reports say that Punk will be the WWE Champion by the end of the year so it's likely that he takes it. However, I think Alberto Del Rio needs to hang on to the title just a little bit longer. Let CM Punk win it at TLC next month.

    My Prediction: Alberto Del Rio retains the WWE Championship by pinfall.

    World Heavyweight Championship Match: Mark Henry (World Heavyweight Champion) vs Big Show

    Their match at Vengeance was pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I haven't watch Smackdown in a few weeks (I really had no time) and so I don't know where this feud is going. I'll just stay with Mark Henry as the champion because he's awesome with the title!

    My Prediction: Mark Henry retains the World Heavyweight Championship by pinfall.

    John Cena & The Rock vs Awesome Truth

    Hell yes! The Rock! He's the only reason I am giving a damn about this PPV and I'm sure it goes for almost everyone else. Never before, never again. The big question is... who will win the match? I personally think Miz and Truth should win because they've been pushed to the sidelines recently. The focus is on Rock and Cena anyway. The Rock got the best of Cena on RAW, so I'm sure Cena will "turn heel" and screw over The Rock so he takes the pinfall loss. This will further set up the Wrestlemania match.

    At the same time, I can see Rock and Cena teaming up, and doing the standard victory and stare each other down to win the PPV. So I don't know where to lean towards... I'm just really excited to see The Rock back in the ring.

    My Prediction: John Cena and The Rock by pinfall.
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    It was an ok PPV, and yeah only classic SS style match is bogus. Best match was Punk and ADR. The Rock vs Cena tag team was alright, could have been better.

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    Wow, John Cena was kind of cool back then.
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    Talking WWE TLC PPV Predictions

    WWE TLC PPV Predictions

    Survivor Series was pretty fun. The Rock vs John Cena match was your typical tag team match. The Rock looked REALLY good though and he did not miss a step. The PPV itself was decent enough. I think the WWE just counted on the PPV buys alone from The Rock and forgot that there were other matches too.

    As for TLC, the card looks pretty solid and it should be fun! It's weird how WWE does these PPVs. The bigger PPVs with more hype tends to fall flat while the smaller PPVs with less hype usually turns out to be a really good show.

    WWE United States Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero (US Champion) vs Zack Ryder

    This is Zack Ryder's time to shine. It's hard to believe that back in January, 95% of the audience is thinking, "Who the hell is this guy? He was an Edgehead right?"

    I'm sure you all know by now, the Ryder Revolution is in full effect. He's up to Episode 44 on his Youtube show, Z! True Long Island Story. Zack Ryder is one of the bigger faces in the WWE right now and I'm glad that HHH and Vince McMahon finally opened their eyes and are giving him a shot. Also, major props to Dolph Ziggler for putting him over the past few months. Ryder did have a US Title match back at Vengeance and he lost. But Zack Ryder *WILL* win the United States Championship at TLC! I know the WWE can be really stupid with their booking. If they don't let Ryder win here, then something is really wrong. However, I'm confident that Zack will win because John Cena "gave up" a PPV spot so Zack Ryder can have this match.

    Ziggler doesn't need the United States Title anymore. It's time to move him to the main event.

    My Prediction: Zack Ryder wins the United States Championship by pinfall with the Rough Ryder.

    Intercontinental Championship Match: Cody Rhodes (Intercontinental Champion) vs Booker T

    This is what Booker T wanted when he came back to the WWE to do commentary. He still wanted a part-time wrestling gig. I'll have to admit, Cody Rhodes brought back some credibility to the Intercontinental Title. He's gotten the best of Booker recently but I still think Cody will retain the title only because Booker T has no business holding this title right now. This feud started because Booker T sucks on commentary (which is true). Cody didn't like what Booker said about him and so Cody attacked him.

    I can see them teasing a Booker T win but Cody will likely dodge the Scissors Kick and then finish Booker T off with the Cross Rhodes. If Booker *does* win, it would be via DQ.

    My Prediction: Cody Rhodes retains the Intercontinental Championship by pinfall.

    Tables Match: Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

    Wade Barrett has been on a tear ever since he talked about the Barrett Barrage. This feud started because Wade kept attacking Randy. Wade's reasoning for going after Randy is that if he wants to be the top guy in the WWE, he'll need to defeat Orton eventually since Orton is a top guy in the company. Wade Barrett has been winning a ton of matches the past few months, including the Survivor Series Elimination match. Randy Orton is already solidified as a main-eventer as you all know so he can lose this and it won't hurt him one bit. Also, keep in mind that it's a Tables Match and by WWE logic, Orton can lose this since it's not a "clean" finish.

    My Prediction: Wade Barrett.

    Sledgehammer Ladder Match: HHH vs Kevin Nash

    This is going to be the worst match of the night. It's one thing to have HHH against Kevin Nash but do you really need to make this a Ladder Match? It would have been more wise to make the US Title Match a Ladder Match or something. At least with that, you know Ziggler and Ryder can put on one hell of a match. But HHH and Kevin Nash in one? Brutal.

    Hanging above the ring would be a sledgehammer. Whoever gets it first gets to "legally" use it. I can see HHH grabbing it and just finishing Nash off with it. I do wonder though... if the person that doesn't get the sledgehammer, can they still legally use it? Either way, I hope this match doesn't go longer than 10 minutes because it's going to be ugly.

    My Prediction: HHH wins by pinfall.

    World Heavyweight Championship Chairs Match: Mark Henry (World Heavyweight Champion) vs Big Show

    Round 3.

    At Vengeance (Round 1), they broke the ring and couldn't finish.
    At Survivor Series (Round 2), Mark Henry got himself DQed.

    Now for the 3rd straight PPV, these two guys are fighting again. Thank goodness it's a chairs match. I'm not sure who Mark Henry can feud with after this but I don't see any reason for Big Show to win here. Big Show is not a good champion and he doesn't really need it either. Keep it on Mark Henry for now and we'll see where it goes. This match is going to suck too because in the PG Era, the chair shots are weak. Wrestlers have to bend over and wait for the chair to hit them in the back. That's not very exciting. =\

    My Prediction: Mark Henry retains the World Heavyweight Championship by pinfall.

    Triple Threat WWE Championship TLC Match: The Miz vs CM Punk (WWE Champion) vs Alberto Del Rio

    This match will be the most predictable one with CM Punk retaining but I think it'll also be the most fun to watch. Everything is in play here. Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. The WWE Title will be hanging above the ring as well. There's not much to say here. The feuds here seem pretty non-existent. Either that or it hasn't been strong enough for me to care. Let's just hope that no one gets injured as they prepare for the Royal Rumble.

    My Prediction: CM Punk retains the WWE Championship.
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    Thanks Melf! I expect a Kane appearance!
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    F Nash, he is in no way over and is so slow and boring at this point.

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    WWE Officials Discuss Michael Cole's Commentary | WrestleZone

    Wow, those idiots at WWE are finally realizing that Cole being a douche on air isn't good for the product. Maybe when JR is put back in his rightful place I'll start watching again.

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