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Thread: Last Movie Watched

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    So we snuck into this...

    And, if I hadn't snuck in I might have followed some of the folks and WALKED OUT. TERRIBLE movie. Where to start. Elizabeth Olsen seems like the real deal. She was very good with nothing to do in a movie that is all about gimmicks and telegraphs itself so early that I had to stick around to make sure my predictions came true. Where to start...first off, this movie eventually deals with some


    ...lurid material. Child touchy lurid. But the almost fetishistic way the supposed single take camera always seems to be looking down miss Olsen's shirt is borderline disturbing. There is a shot early on where, after a chase scene, she pops up with full HIGHBEAMS. Look, I am breast obsessed, but even Kingsqueen admitted that it was downblouse-centric. Even worse than being obvious early this movie was just clearly BORING. And it floats into what is she seeing/imagining territory and all pretense of trying to maintain some sort of reality go out the window. Characters reveal ridiculous alternate universe takes and it just fizzles. This is a great attempt at experimental filmmaking, yet it just fails so hard that everyone needs to hang their heads in shame. The folks that made this were responsible for OPEN WATER, which was a much more successful flick. They need to venture out of their comfort zone or risk becoming the next Shamalayan.

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    I really liked this chapter of Saw, especially the parts that show Jigsaw and his wife before he sets up all his games.

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    I've never watched this in its entirety. I really enjoyed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post

    Oh, b.t.w. sorry Kq but Deja HAWT.

    Yeah she is!

    Does anyone else see Lynn Collins as a girl who could be Wonderwoman or is it just me?
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    Hey...funny you should mention that KP, read an interview where she was lobbying for the gig.

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    Friday, March 16th: 10:15pm
    Saturday, March 17th: 9:45pm

    “The funniest movie of the year!” (IFC)

    In a giddy Scandinavian NC-17-flavored take on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, Klown (based upon the popular long-running TV show of the same name) follows two wildly inappropriate friends (played by celebrated comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen) as they run amok through the Danish countryside plowing through social taboos and unspeakable debaucheries. Our odd-couple pals have opposing agendas for their upcoming camping trip: Frank kidnaps his nephew in a thick-headed attempt to prove his fatherhood potential, while Casper is determined to visit a mysterious world-renowned brothel as the final stop on his “Tour de Pussy.” As these jovially confrontational and consistently unpredictable Dogme-95-meets-the-Farrelly-Brothers plotlines collide, Klown will leave you hurting from nonstop laugh fits, and genuinely shocked by several denouements you’ll never have seen coming. Soon to be a household name amongst comedy fans across the country, this internationally acclaimed and award-winning saga of genial depravity has indieWIRE proudly proclaiming it “raunchy, fearless and awesome!”.
    Dir. Mikkel Nørgaard, 2011, HD presentation, 89 min.
    Friday, March 16th: midnight
    Saturday, March 17th: midnight

    Fraizer Park: an alternate trailer trash dimension out of time and space. Within these county lines, a Dance-Dance-Revolution-inspired dystopian underground prevails --- only, in this game, losing can be fatal. The dumpster lovechild of Mad Max, Idiocracy and Footloose, The FP weaves a harrowing tale of bros, hos, and fancy footwork. After the tragic "dirt nap" (i.e. death) of his beloved bro, JTRO thinks he’s out of the game for good -- but when a turf war threatens to rip the town apart, it's up to our hero to set **** straight once again in an ultimate montage-loving battle for vengeance, until only one man is left dancing. With an epic 1980s John Carpenter-meets-JPop soundtrack, gratuitous nudity, and a flurry of neon streetwear, this film is going to blow your brain, for reals. Cast/crew members in person
    Dirs. Brandon & Jason Trost, 2011, HDCAM, 83 min.
    Getting ahead of myself, but Kq and I are doing this double tomorrow. Two festival hits that I cannot wait to see, playing back-to-back at the magnificent Cinefamily. If any of you guys drag yerselves down, be sure to look for us. Can't wait to huff down a complimentary Schlitz and sit in a really uncomfy AA chair for 4 hours whilst larfing my ass off. If we are lucky there will be an appearance of...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    If we are lucky there will be an appearance of...

    Is that an LGK'er? :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by orpheus View Post
    Is that an LGK'er? :D
    Unless you venture to will never understand the significance of GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT

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    So I caught John Carter today. I can't say that I "loved" it much as JD did but I certainly enjoyed it. It was adventure on a grand scale. I am a fan of the olde time sci fi/fantasy stuff so I liked the story. How can you go wrong with a classic from Edgar Rice Burroughs? Ok so it was not an exact match of the story but close enough. It was a bit over the top in spots, even silly, but it was fun, a movie that did not take itself too seriously. A sci-fi/ fantasy made the old way, before it was cool to be dark cynical and gritty, (BTW I like the dark cynical and gritty stuff, I just don't need it all the time). The type of movie I liked as a kid. I don't know why the critics were so quick to jump this movie and declare it a flop. Cynicism? Not cool enough? If they want gritty convince someone to turn a David Drake book into a movie. I had fun watching it, 'nuff said.

    Except that, man, does Lynn Collins have a rockin' bod!
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    Just... just listen.
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    Finally caught this on HBO and I liked it a lot. It quickly builds a certain pace and vibe and it never really lets up. Between the music and the story, the editing and the tightness of the direction, it never really dies down.

    A lot of that is due to the great performance by Saoirse Ronan. She finds a spot inside this character and then lives there. She's everything she should be - innocent, needing some protection and a bit naive as someone who's never really been in the world and doesn't know any better, but fully aware of herself and mostly remorseless when it comes to snapping a neck and shooting a guy in the face. It's a lot of fine lines that she walks and she never loses her balance.

    So if ya haven't seen it, maybe ya should.

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