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Thread: Last Movie Watched

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    OOOh...I guess I just bought into it fully but that still stands as one of my top movies of the year so far. Sorry you disliked it so much. In it's defense i thought it was a beautiful movie with great characters whose fates were very much not at all what you would expect in a movie of this type. It had that Jack London 'manly' men vs nature feel of the books I grew up with. If you look at it too closely I am sure it's threadbare and has logic problems but taken as a whole, a work of fiction, I thought the acting/direction raised it higher than it's writing problems.
    It was a good looking movie I'll give you that and Liam Neeson is cool as hell.. I'd give it a 5 or 6 out of ten, which is to say it's an alright movie but it had the potential to be a good or great one and that's a real shame. It's just too rough around the edges. A lone wolf charging a group of men, fine I'll go with that. It's ridiculous but suspension of disbelief and all that, for the sake of the movie I don't let myself get bothered by it... But once groups of people start acting like idiots I struggle unless I'm just watching a cheap slasher. Especially after the movie when I start thinking about it, and maybe I shouldn't have done that. How about they make a walking stick with a pointy end out of a tree branch and carry it around? It will help with the snow AND the wolves. If these are supposed to be manly men working outside in Alaska, how about one of them make a ****ing snow shoe. These are just things they didn't do, there are many things they did do that were even dumber.

    Oh well. I wouldn't advice against seeing it but keep your expectations in check.

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    Damn, Jack Ketchum sure knows how to write engrossing, albeit ****ed up, stories (Woman, The Girl Next Door (not the Elisha Cuthbert one)). The Lost is about a young guy who is extremely emotionally unstable and has psychopathic tendencies, and it shows almost every side of his complex character. If you know Ketchum then you won't be surprised at the graphic/intense violence and tension that persists throughout the film. I know not everyone is a fan of it but I really ****ing liked it.
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    One of the most underrated 80's comedies:

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    watched a couple more non-horror movies

    Trust is a movie about a teenage girl falling prey to an online predator. What really stood out to me was the performance of 15 year old Liana Liberato. She was amazing. As far as the story, the film had some scenes that'll make you sick to your stomach, and also some heart-wrenching scenes that'll move you to tears. I thought it was really good, but I don't know if I'd be able to stomach it if I had children of my own.

    Another Jack Ketchum adaptation. Nowhere close to as disturbing as the other two I watched (The Girl Next Door, The Lost. Red stars Brian Cox (who also happened to be in the other Red movie with Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman) as a man seeking justice from a group of youths who shot his dog for no reason. It was pretty slowly paced, gradually building up to the climax. I really liked it, pretty much liked all the Ketchum films I've seen. Whenever I get back into reading books I'll definitely be picking up some Ketchum novels.

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    Red is a sad sad story. Children are evil. The book hit me particularly hard. His short stories are a good place to start but The Girl Next Door is so much worse than the movie of the hardest books to finish that I have ever read just because it's so grim.

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    Saw this on Saturday. Was a fun primer for the upcoming con(even though we have yet to get a hotel). Pretty harmless series of vignettes from a few viewpoints...budding artists, cosplay/Masqueraders, sellers...not really enough from the viewpoint of those that go just for the whole experience. Room for a lot more of these just because there are so many variations of how folks 'do' the 'con.

    Also...harmless. A little predictable...a little bland. The 'reunion' was really about the original 5 guys. Everyone else was shoehorned in cameo-style. Seemed to be a contest throughout for 'worst actor' between Tara Reid and Chris Klein. Stifler was(of course) the best part of the movie, but it just was too lightweight/fluffy to be anything other than instantly forgettable.

    Expected this to suck. Heard it was hilarious. Somewhere in between lies the truth. Channing Tatum actually impressed simply because I look at him and expect only 'duh' to come out of his mouth. He really went for it and had some personality. Would like to see him do more comedy. Jonah Hill was...Jonah Hill. Nice callback to the tv show, which I expected but still enjoyed/was surprised by. Ice Cube was really funny as the sterotypical(as he even pointed out) angry black captain. There was a sneaky line at the beggining which pointed out the hypocrisy of retreads...should have been more of that clever/winkwink kind of humor. I would recommend this as long as you go in with tempered expectations.

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    i love cable

    because this was on again this weekend

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    Pretty fun horror/thriller about a couple terrorized by a psychotic trucker. Held my interest and kept me excited till the end. Not a masterpiece or flawless film but worth checking out for some cheap thrills.

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    Catch up time.

    Tabloid - I remember reading reviews of this when it was playing in theaters and wanting to see it, but I never got around to it, so I was happy to see ti show up on the movie channels. This is an Errol Morris documentary about Joyce McKinney and the "Mormon sex in chains" case. Loved it. Took me a little bit to get the hang of Morris' style, but the story was engrossing and entertaining and McKinney herself was kid of fascinating. She comes off as a down-to-earth southern gal, but there are little hints of crazy that peek out enough to make you wonder whether or not she's telling the truth. Highly recommended.

    To Live And Die In L.A. - I don't know why I waited so long to watch this (I've had it on DVD for years), but this is a great ****in' flick. I'd have to think about it, but this might be my favorite Willem Dafoe performance, and I LOVE that guy, so that's something. He plays a counterfeiter who is being chased by a cop played by William Peterson, after Dafoe and co. kill his mentor. Peterson's character becomes obsessed and willing to do anything, including break the law, to catch him. ****ing LOVED this movie. It's intense, funny and Dafoe is ****ing perfect. The ending is brilliant. Go watch it.

    Goon - I sure do love it when HDNet Movies gets these movies before they go in theaters. Saves me the anguish of not seeing them. Sean William Scott is a hockey fan who has never played hockey. During one game, he gets into a fight with someone in the stands and beats the **** out of him. The coach of the local team sees this and immediately offers him a contract to play. There's funny bits of him learning to skate and play hockey mixed with funny bits of him getting in fights and beating the **** out of other hockey players. Eventually, he becomes a fan favorite and is signed by a real minor league team, where similar antics occur and he also shows his new teammates how to be a "team". Really funny, full of heart and the best hockey movie since Slapshot easily. Might even bet better than that'n. You owe it to yourself to see this.

    The Reef - A bunch of Australians decide to go visit a remote island for vacation, but the boat hits a reef and capsizes, so they're stuck in the middle of the shark infested ocean and have to swim if they want to survive. It's pretty standard and about what you'd expect. They did a good job building tension and making you yell at the characters to quit just sitting and there and ****ing move, but the film is brought down some by most of the cast being annoying and/or stupid. By the end, you kind of feel like they all deserve their fate. Meh.

    Paper Man - Almost didn't bother with this because the reviews for it were pretty bad, but the Emma Stone factor made me want to give it a shot, anyway. That chick is cool. And I'm glad I did because I thought it was a pretty good movie. The acting was solid all around, but the relationship between Stone and Jeff Daniels was developed really well. Definitely more drama than comedy, but the funny bits worked well. I wouldn't buy it, but I liked it.

    Pulp - I can't believe I hadn't even heard of this movie until the day I saw this was on. Pulp was my favorite band for a while in high school and I didn't even know they'd taken their name from a movie. Lame. What a great movie to take a name from, though. Opinions on it seem to be pretty well divided, with half saying it was boring and incomprehensible and the other half loving it. Well, count me in the latter half. I thought it was really funny and clever in the way that only Brits seem to be able to do. Really dry and strange, but I was laughing quite a bit. The DVD is only $4 on Amazon, so I already own it, as well. BoobyTrap hated it, but I recommend it highly.

    Daydream Nation - Kat Dennings is the new girl in school. She dresses kind of weird and acts different, so she hangs out with the stoner kids, which doesn't do any favors for her popularity, but still doesn't really feel like she fits in. And then she meets her new english teacher, Josh Lucas, who is similarly disaffected because his students don't seem to care. So, naturally, she starts having sex with him. At the same time, one of the stoner boys develops a huge crush on her and try as she might, she starts liking him back, as well. And thus, the drama unfolds. I really like Josh Lucas and think he did a good job in this and I like Kat Dennings (though not as much as some here) and together they made this movie watchable, even though you never see even a hint of her chest. In fact, you wouldn't even know her chest was significant if this was your only exposure to her, but she had funny, sarcastic lines and handled the drama fairly well. The movie was pretty good for most of the way through, but the ending was a bit off. As things grew and headed towards the climax, they got a bit silly so that by the end of the film, I wasn't much of a fan of it anymore. Add this to the fact that most of the music played during the film is really, really bad and the one Sonic Youth song they used was used at a strip club (Daydream Nation is the name of a Sonic Youth album, fyi). Oh, and the music played during the climax sounded like a half-baked Requiem For A Dream ripoff. So... yeah. Rent it if you feel like you need to see it for Kat, but go in knowing her boobs are absent.

    Naked Fear - So this chick gets kind of tricked into coming out to New Mexico and being a stripper without any money and without anyone friendly that would be willing to come get her, just as a bunch of strippers and prostitutes are disappearing all over town. Bet you can't guess what happens!!! I don't know why I watched this. Ok, no, I do. It has Joe Mantegna in it and I wanted to see some boobs and violence. I'm not ashamed. Well, there were some boobs in this, but there wasn't any violence. That was all offscreen. Actually, I'll just say this: this movie sucked and was a complete waste of time. Most of the acting was hammy, the plot was entirely predictable and ALL THE VIOLENCE WAS OFFSCREEN. I fast forwarded through the last 45 minutes or so. Wish I'd never bothered.

    Room Of Death - Ever since seeing Inglorious Basterds, I've wanted to see more Melanie Laurent, so I was really happy to see this show up on Sundance channel, even though Sundance channel isn't in HD. I braved the stand definition waters to see if this movie could clue me in as to why Tarantino chose her for the lead in that movie. I don't know if this movie had any direct influence on QT's decision, but I wouldn't be surprised. Laurent plays a rookie detective, who is also the single mother of two baby boys, fighting to show what she can do amongst a team of seasoned veteran cops. Her first case ends up being the death of a child and the death of her father, who the cops discover was killed on his way to pay a ransom for his kidnapped daughter. From there, the movie twists and turns and gets a little weird, but Laurent anchors that **** like a ****ing pro. She was excellent and totally cute as a brunette. The movie is very heavily influenced by Silence Of The Lambs (Laurent even has a copy of it on her bookshelf), but beyond the main character being a rookie female and some similarities during the climax, it stands on it's own as an excellent thriller. I'll probably buy it at some point, though the US release looks pretty ****ty, so maybe I'll look for an international copy.

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    Default Last Movie Watched

    Biutiful is perfection. Javier Bardem is one of our greatest right now. Just a beautiful film in every aspect.

    Beginners is great. Captain von Trapp was fantastic. Ewan MacGregor also had a strong performance in this one.

    Horrible Bosses was alright. Kevin Spacey played one hell of a mean sumamabitch. It was interesting seeing Jennifer Aniston in that kind of a role, but she still irritated me. And her tan was disturbing. Lol. Colin Farrell was soooooooo disgusting. Blech! Haha!

    But yeah, Biutiful? You should all add it to your queue, like, yesterday.



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