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Thread: All Things HORROR

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    I'm not a fan of the series, but I loved Bride.

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    I was thinking back today and was remembering Larry Vincent who played "Seymour" as the host of "Fright Night" on KHJ chanell 9 while I was junior & senior high school. He was the person that set the stage for Elvira who took over for him. His onair act also inspired Mystery Science Theater 3000.
    Larry Vincent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    The Surviving Episodes Of The BBC's 1970s Horror Anthology Dead Of Night Finally Coming To DVD - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

    I’ve never seen any of the BBC’s horror anthology series Dead of Night, despite hearing good things about it, and I guess the chances of me seeing four of its seven episodes are all but non-existent.

    Three instalments survived, however, and the BFI are giving them their first DVD release just in time for Hallowe’en, part of their bigger, ongoing collection of Gothic titles.

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    [BD Review] 'Cassadaga' Is An Ill-Fitting Puzzle -

    Cassadaga starts with that old tale of a kid lopping off his penis with a pair of scissors due to the fact that his mother has issues with him dressing up in women’s clothing. From here we enter into a story that has so many different directional plot points, that following it becomes a task. It is a shame, too, because many of the ideas presented could have made a phenomenal film, yet throwing them all into one pot makes for a jumbled piece of storytelling.
    Was interested when this played at Screamfest a few years ago. Despite some bad reviews(mostly that it had too many ideas and reached too high...not a bad thing in my book) I will be searching this out on dvd.

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    [Fantastic Fest '13 Review] 'Septic Man' Can't Escape the Mire of Monotony -

    Looking forward to this, despite the negative review. Sounds like the kind of movie you either get...and love, or don't...and hate.

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    Resolution (Blu-ray / DVD) Review - Dread Central

    One of the most frustrating things about some indie filmmakers is the unwillingness on their part to take advantage of the freedom and lack of studio-applied shackles and create something new. Now, hear me out, I love indie films (especially of the horrific variety), and often prefer those films to bigger budgeted studio releases. However, it’s impossible not to notice the glut of unimaginative films rehashing wide release tales at a fraction of their cost, free from any unique ideas or voices that might set them apart from their more expensive brethren. What’s the point, really?

    Fortunately, a film like Resolution comes along every so often. Smart, scary, funny, and quite original, Resolution serves up a tale that this writer honestly can’t recall seeing before – treating us to a story of friendship and forgiveness that delves into the Fantastique, and ultimately becomes a rumination on the nature of storytelling and audience expectations. And all of this is supported by two of the best performances I’ll see this year, given by actors you’ve never heard of (yet)...

    ...Is Resolution a film for everyone? No. Oh, no. And that’s fine. Some people will likely find it overly talky, not horrific enough, or just plain hate the ambiguous ending (which pays off the film thematically, if not narratively). And I get that. But folks, if you’ve ever found that this reviewer’s taste in flicks resembles your own, do yourselves a favor – buy this flick ASAP. Films like this are all too rare, and should be appreciated when they find their way onto our doorsteps or into our hands.
    Pretty sure this is streaming on Netflix right now.



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