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Thread: All Things HORROR

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    Watch Now: Trailer and Clips For Killer Car Flick ‘Super Hybrid’ | Geeks of Doom

    One of the most common complaints about the movie industry is that the majority of the films getting released contain not a shred of originality and feel more like assembly line products than anything approaching entertainment that a person with an I.Q. larger than double digits can enjoy without feeling the need to injure the nearest house pet. Every year Hollywood talent agencies compile a “Blacklist” of the best screenplays making the rounds at studios and not getting made, and on occasion some of those scripts manage to make it to the big screen. Entire books have been written about great scripts that sat on the shelf for years for various reasons that defy all manner of logical thought.

    Yet despite all this it is still possible for a movie about a killer car to be made, and for that movie to be called Super Hybrid. And because it is possible, it has happened; a movie called Super Hybrid has been made.

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    AICN UK: Britgeek says PANIC BUTTON is the best British horror in years!
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    David Cronenberg’s ‘The Fly,’ A Triumphant Melding of Character and Effects, Turns Twenty-Five

    One of the exceptions to the rule that remakes suck. This movie still holds up very well. Oh and real make-up fx, thank you very much. Nary a cgi shot involved. See Hollywood, it can be done.

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    Clive Owen Is Afraid Of The Dark In Trailer For Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s ‘Intruders’

    Juan and Mia, two children who live in different countries, are visited every night by a faceless intruder – a terrifying being that wants to get hold of them. These presence becomes more powerful and start ruling their lives as well as their families’. Anxiety and tension increase when their parents also witness these apparitions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    "The story concerns a Vegas bachelor party that turns grisly when the groom (Hallisay) learns his longtime best friend (Pardue) has targeted him for ritual murder."

    That's pretty goddam uninspired...even for a second sequel. Any guesses as to which movie they decided to fuse with the Hostel storyline? Hangover? Very Bad Things?

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    I guess if you are just making an uninspired ripoff sequel you might as well fold in a all expenses paid working vacation to Vegas. Two stone...done!

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    Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.



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