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Thread: All Things HORROR

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    This will tear your soul apart |

    Wow. I mean, just, wow. That is just embarrassing. Obviously that’s a new Pinhead because Doug Bradley was too smart to sign on to this piece of crap, and boy does that new guy stink! My dog is scarier than that guy, and my dog is small and extremely cute. I expect a little more from a film made solely to hold on to the franchise rights. Even more embarrassing, this is getting some sort of limited theatrical and VOD release. When? Who cares?!

    This was directed by the moron who made Mirrors 2 and was written by the guy who does Pinhead’s make-up. Way to go, dudes. Now no one will ever take Hellraiser seriously ever again.

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    Ugh on that Hellraiser movie. Clive Barker tweeted something along the lines that movie didn't come from his mind and that it didn't even come from his *******.

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    Heaps Of Thing FX From The New The Thing Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors


    Personally looks to me like they basically used Bottin's work as pre-production sketches.

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    I'm diggin' it.

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    Creepy New Poster for Christos Petropoulos

    As of this writing, this remarkable little “found footage” flick still hasn’t found distribution, a fact that annoys me to no end. In order to get the word out about his enjoyably creepy motion picture, Christos has pieced together a nifty new poster for the production. You can find the aforementioned artwork resting below these very words. Additionally, you can now purchase a digital copy of the flick by visiting
    JD, you heard anything else about this flick?

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    someone on the hellraiser forum recut that POS trailer and makes it a little more watchable

    Hellraiser Revelations | edited - YouTube

    plus there's some pics on this thread that give me some hope, but not much

    Hellraiser: Revelations Trailer - The Hellbound Web

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    Quote Originally Posted by adgy-san View Post
    Creepy New Poster for Christos Petropoulos

    JD, you heard anything else about this flick?
    First I have heard of it. Found footage stuff is such a mixed bag. Last Exorcism was good even though they didn't stick the ending, that Apollo flick looks interesting, but the Paranormal Activity flicks are a laff. I'll see what I can dig up.



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