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Thread: All Things HORROR

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    YOU’RE NEXT Review

    Almost everything in You’re Next goes off with a hitch. It’s the perfect balance of horror and action with a little bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. Wingard and Barrett haven’t re-written the genre but they’ve added enough minor tweaks to keep the story feeling fresh. But the film’s greatest strength is in how how it blends jump scares, creepiness, dark comedy, and gore to create a damn fine horror flick that will have you locking your doors and fearing your windows.

    Rating: B+

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    TIFF11 Reviews: The Day, Lovely Molly, You’re Next -

    "The Day" might be the perfect entry drug into horror for any 13-year-old kid who has never seen a naked woman or any sort of R-rated violence--who knows? Maybe in 20 years, they'll be praising this like older horror fans do "Halloween"--but for everyone else, this is absolutely juvenile, moronic filmmaking done by people who have seen way too many movies, but didn't bother to pay attention to what made them any good.
    Ultimately, it all works to keep you effectively creeped out, since at first, you don't really know what's going on then just as you think you've figured out where it's going, it starts throwing even more weirdness and leaving you more confused. It has that in common with "Blair Witch" in some ways because it may require repeat viewing to put some of the pieces together.

    The biggest takeaway from the movie is what a fantastic and daring actress Gretchen Lodge is, playing a role that has her going through all sorts of permutations, playing up her sexuality one minute and being absolutely evil the next. It's also quite a coup for Sanchez to have gotten instrumental rock band Tortoise to provide the score.

    Even if not all of "Lovely Molly" makes sense, Sanchez has still got it when it comes to making viewers feel uneasy, and he's created a terrific looking horror film that introduces an impressive new talent in Gretchen Lodge. It's hard to tell if those things alone make up for the film's stranger turns or the fact it feels strangely derivative, but it certainly makes it more watchable than other "Blair Witch" rip-offs.
    We won't give away the big twist introduced fairly early on, but one has to assume the filmmakers were trying to approach this sub-genre of horror in a way that's far less clever than they may have thought. In fact, "You're Next" does very little to break any new ground, not in the shocks or the gory kills, all stuff that dates back to slasher classics like "Friday the 13th" and "Halloween." The only really difference is that it's a family trying to survive while others try to kill them, so that adds a different dynamic than what we've seen before.

    Wingard's biggest offense is the overuse of loud sound FX throughout the movie, not just to punctuate some of the scares--and there are some good ones--but the loud ambient noises just permeate the entire film to the point of being aggravating. It also makes "You're Next" feels little more than a classier and wittier take on "The Collector"--a horrendous home invasion movie by the writers of the last few "Saw" movies.

    One's mileage may vary depending on the amount of bloodlust they have in their heart at the time of viewing, but so many stronger movies have explored similar territory, whether it's the aforementioned "The Strangers" or movies with women fighting back against insurmountable odds like Neil Marshall's "The Descent" or even actual horror-comedies like "Severance." All that this offers is a way to analyze those around you in the theater and wonder why people get so excited merely at the thought of gory violence begetting even gorier violence.

    While the filmmakers clearly did their homework on how to make a scary gorefest, they fail to give us something that feels particularly new or different.

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    BD Horror News - Fred Andrews Calls 'Creature' Haters "Bottom Feeders"

    Just last week Fred Andrews saw his indie Creature self-distributed by Sid and Jon Sheinberg's Bubble Factory. Sid was the president of Universal Studios during the release of classics such as Jaws, ET and Jurassic Park, so it's a shock knowing his new company had faith in this incomplete creature feature. The film grossed only $331,000 opening up in 1,507 U.S. theaters this weekend, making it the worst premiere ever for a film opening in 1,500 locations or more, according to BoxOfficeMojo and Yahoo.

    The film flopped. It currently has a 13% on Rotten Tomatoes and was panned by most critics. And while we respect the opinion of those who enjoyed the flick, director Fred Andrews has none for those who hated it. In fact, he sort of implies that the film was made for morons. How so? Read on to see.

    Chris Alexander, Fangoria's newest Editor-in-Chief, explains that the long running magazine - who also gave the film a cover story - is "friends" with Andrews, and offers the director their platform to insult critics who hated the film. We'll use ours to respond.

    "Oh no, the negative reviews have been in no way disappointing; in fact, I am impressed with how many different and creative ways people have been able to express their distaste for the film," Andrews jokes. "But seriously, of course I anticipated a lot of negative reviews just given the very nature of the film. It's not a film for critics; I mean, come on, it's called CREATURE, for God's sake!"

    First, he sarcastically jokes about people slamming the film, and then retracts his light comments by saying, "but seriously." He then goes on to state he anticipated a lot of negative reviews, which to me implies that he knows how bad his movie is. Furthermore, he continues by stating that it's not a film for critics, which implies it's for people of a lesser nature, as if critics are on some sort of *****ing pedestal of power.

    "But on the other hand, I was happily surprised when the LA Times gave us a good, honest review; they got it. As have a number of other reputable critics and publications like FANGORIA, Nuke the Fridge, Killer Films and Unwinnable." Andrews continues implying that because these publications "liked the film" it's an "honest" review, and that they are "reputable". By the very nature of his comments, anyone who did not like it is a liar and a joke. Therefore, he's calling me the same.

    He goes on with the baby insults, "Those lowbrow sites that have trashed it and bloggers who harshed on the film were no surprise to me, man. Come on, what kind of critic are you if you use the word "titties" in your review, or you're still talking about my film when you're reviewing another one. You can't take those guys seriously, man; they're bottom feeders."

    I don't know what sites he's referring to but an opinion is an opinion, man. In fact, the "bottom feeders" were the ONLY sites giving his little film attention, man. They were the ones supporting it, giving it press and even acknowledging that they had high hopes for it, man. No horror fan wants to see a bad movie nor do they want to be disappointed, man. Nobody was even rooting for Andrews to fail, man, man.

    If anything, he failed the horror community by releasing an *incomplete film that disappointed the majority of people who saw it.

    Again, we respect all opinions, which is why we have user reviews for for the flick (there aren't many, because nobody saw it). But Andrews takes it too far, takes it too personal and insults anyone who has distaste for Creature. Don't ever forget that if you disliked Creature you're an idiot and a bottom feeder who doesn't "get it".

    *Spoiler warning: I'd also like to note that the film does NOT have a third act. The protagonist has the final battle with the Creature OFF camera.

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    Bloody Disgusting Horror - "Twixt (Twixt Now And Sunrise)" Movie Info, Review, Headlines, Gallery

    Next to Livid and Your'e Next I was most excited for the TIFF premiere of Francis Ford Coppola's Twixt, which was said to grow out of a nightmare by the infamous director of Godfather. What he perceives as a nightmare translates into cheesy '90s movie starring a fat Val Kilmer.

    Kilmer stars as writer with a declining career who arrives in a small town as part of his book tour and gets caught up in a murder mystery involving a young girl. That night in a dream, he is approached by a mysterious young ghost named V (Elle Fanning). It leads to him co-writing his new novel, "The Vampire Executions", with the local sheriff. He continually forces himself to sleep to learn how the story will end.

    The pic is already slated for a bizarre theatrical run where Coppola plans on editing the film live based on audience reactions. It's an absolutely terrible idea as the only reaction out of my theater were scoffs and laughs, especially when the giant pair of 3-D glasses swim on screen prompting the audience to pop theirs on. Even more bizarre was how pointless and short the 3-D sequences were, both of which also had the audience chuckling.

    The real joke, though, is the actual plot. The audience is forced to watch how a crappy writer is inspired by a lame local tale to write an even more stupid story. Kilmer, Fanning, and all of the locals carry zero charisma making Twixt a shocking bore without a single shred of charm. Once again the protagonist, played by Kilmer, is a piece of ***** that the audience will root against. Why must filmmakers make such unlikeable characters? It's a lifeless tale that also looked cheap and crappy.

    It is with great displeasure in reporting back that Twixt is an absolutely horrible film. The 3-D experience is beyond pointless, and no matter how many edited versions Coppola has up his sleeve, it can't be salvaged. Twixt a bland, cheesy, poorly shot snoozer that isn't even fun as a midnight movie.

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    Si! The ‘[REC] 3′ Trailer Takes a Chainsaw to Your Face | Film School Rejects

    Hmmm. Liked(didn't love) the first one, and I still have to finish the second one. This one looks more interesting and the fact that it leads into the fourth and final of the series has me a little more interested.

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    I put the D in RICHARSON
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    nice, think i'll watch the tingler tonight

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    The Dolphin is not Amused
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    I still plan on watching [REC] from beginning to end, but it makes me dizzy!

    Quote Originally Posted by Luc SkyBomba View Post
    nice, think i'll watch the tingler tonight
    Watch out. The Tingler likes to escape and run around in the theater.

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    KILL LIST Review

    In a way, Kill List is a horror movie almost by default. It’s certainly chilling and even scarring, but not exactly what you’d expect from a movie with that label slapped on the box. For one thing, it’s shot in a handheld realist style with improvised performances. That’s not the expected aesthetic and tone of the oft-storyboard genre, but it’s in the unexpected where the best scares lie and the movie is filled with the unexpected in every conceivable sense. I doubt Kill List will be embraced as a genre classic. It’s just too weird and twisted for that and by design leaves the audience feeling abused and battered when the credits roll, an experience that understandably not everyone enjoys (personally, I’m somewhat of a glutton for punishment when it comes to this ****). However, for those willing to take the ride, I can promise you’ve seen nothing quite like it and cult status is all but assure. Sure, there are bits and pieces of Kill List that are reminiscent of other films and genres, but they’ve never been combined quite like this before and the culminative impact is pretty impressive. If you want to feel worn out, beaten, and ultimately elated by a film, you’re not going to do any better than Kill List. This is one for all the intelligent sick puppies out there who don’t mind seeing cinematic ingenuity and gag inducing gore magically mixed together. Those folks are going to cheer and vomit with sheer delight.

    Grade: A-



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