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Thread: The Comic Books and Comic Book movies thread

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    Tales From ECCC: Bruce Timm And The Cancellation Of The Green Lantern Animated Series - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

    Bruce Timm, like many of us, was disappointed with Cartoon Network’s decision to not pick-up Green Lantern the Animated Series for second season since he said it was one the best things he’s ever worked on, and considering his career, that’s saying something. Anyway, I asked if it really came to down to the lack of merchandising sales, as Bleeding Cool had previously reported regarding Young Justice. He said yes. Since the Ryan Reynolds’ film, retailers were stuck with film merchandise that just wasn’t selling. This lead to those retailers being very reluctant, if not downright refusing, to any carry merchandise from the Animated Series. Therefore, a lack of sales on that front lead to a lack revenue for an admittedly expensive CG Series.

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    Yea... welll... that's what you get for making a ****ty movie I guess...

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    DC artist quits rather than draw Orson Scott Card's Superman | Blastr

    More fallout from the controversy. This is silly and reactionary(UNLESS his personal politics are a part of the ACTUAL STORY).

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    Here ya go Adgy-san

    Shane Black Explains How He Adapted Warren Ellis’ “Extremis” Storyline into IRON MAN 3; New Poster Released | Collider

    Here’s what Black had to say to SFX Magazine:

    “In the Extremis comic book, there’s a type of thing that takes over and basically upgrades DNA. Sometimes you die. But if you live through the experience then you come out this changed thing. But the way they do it is the guy that does it is not some man chosen to be the super soldier -he’s just a militia guy. There’s an element of realism to it as well. So what we’ve tried to do is take this very science-fictiony concept of super people, and ground it in the type of people who volunteer for this being not necessarily super villains, but just people who upgrade. I love the idea of a super villain that doesn’t wear a cape, that doesn’t wear a super suit. That goes around dressed as you are right now. As for the science of it, once again we’ve gone back to the comic books, and I think pretty much lifted the Maya Hensen idea, that she met [Tony] long ago and had the germ of an idea, which now has come to fruition full circle, but she’s afraid because it’s gotten out there. And we go from there. I think you’ll be interested in the effect that we generate to demonstrate what Extremis does to a human being. It’s a pretty interesting special effect. But we’ve deliberately stayed away from defining, ‘Oh it’s nanites.’ What we do keep from the comic is the idea that there’s a slot in the brain that seems to have been dormant, but exists in human beings, almost as though it’s waiting for human beings to find a way to fill it. It’s been there forever.”

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    THE AVENGERS 2, DOCTOR STRANGE, and More Detals from Kevin Feige | Collider

    Man, Marvel really is just going to own movies with their rollout. It really is genius. Even a misstep will be successful because the interest level will just always be there. Tying everything together just makes the average consumer buy in to the whole package, just like their yearly 'events' comic wise that have people buying tie in issues of comics they may not have interest in. Begrudgingly, I have to's genius.

    Meanwhile DC struggles to maintain a comics line.



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