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Thread: The Comic Books and Comic Book movies thread

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    Marvel Give Away 700 Issue One Digital Comics And Crash ComiXology, Launch Infinite Comics Weekly And Audio Adaptive Comics, Project Gamma, Hire Blair Butler For Earth's Mightiest Show, Online- SXSW UPDATE - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV Ne

    Marvel are giving away seven hundred issue ones of their comics, digitally, to everyone. Your first hit is free right now… but only until Tues the 12th. Can you download that many in that time?

    They include All New X-Men, Avengers, Avengers Arena, Captain America, Cable And X-Force, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, FF, Indestructible Hulk, Iron Man, Point One, Morbius, New Avengers, Savage Wolverine, Superior Spider-Man, Thor God Of Thunder, Thunderbolts, Uncanny Avengers, Uncanny X-Force, X-Men Legacy, Young Avengers and A Plus X from Marvel NOW!, but also most every major series and volume ever published by Marvel through their history. Oh and A Babies Vs X-Babies.
    ****in' hell!

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    Michiel Huisman To Star In NBC Pilot 'The Sixth Gun' -

    the supernatural Western follows the story of six mythical guns, each with its own other-worldly powers. When the Sixth Gun, the most powerful and dangerous of the group, resurfaces in the hands of an innocent girl, a farmer’s daughter named Becky Montcrief (Ramsey), dark forces reawaken. Huisman plays Drake Sinclair, a rogue gunslinger and handsome bastard. Coming from a shadowy past of mixed allegiances, the shrewd Drake is searching for the Sixth Gun because he believes it will lead to a great treasure.
    Sounds like fun. It's probably cancelled already.

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    Read the first trade of that recently and thought it was pretty good. Definitely have to pick up the rest of the series at some point.

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    Four Weekly Comics In The DC New 52 From October? That's The Rumour... - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

    Ok, if I was still buying comics regularly I would be loathe to try any new title from DC purely because if it ain't a top seller it ain't gonna be around long. They are just too 'cancel-happy' at the new 52.16 titles getting the axe. 16!!!!!!!! Just have the big 5 and stop breaking hearts.

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    GUARDIANs OF THE GALAXY Lands Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer | Collider

    At least Momoa won't have to shave his head...Bautista was passable in Man With the Iron Fists.

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