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Thread: The Comic Books and Comic Book movies thread

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    Chloe Moretz fires back at Jim Carrey over Kick-Ass 2 violence | Blastr

    Gotta love this kid. She doesn't shy away from genre gigs and she isn't a shrinking violet. Please, don't **** it up and go all different strokes/barrymore...

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    Court rules against Kirby heirs in bid to regain character rights from Marvel | Blastr

    well...surprizes. Courts rule w/Marvel and DC(Siegel/Schuster/Superman) and they say you can't buy justice.

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    Vin Diesel as GROOT?!?! Almost The Doctor reports from set of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY on the Thames - Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.

    Hey folks, Harry here - and Vin Diesel (most famously as the voice of the Iron Giant, giggle) is now the voice of Groot... or at least that's what we are being led to believe from Vin Diesel's personal FACEBOOK page, where he posted with no explanation the following image:
    Of course, less than a few weeks ago he posted a pic of Giant Man...

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    I watched Chronicle a month or two back on HBO and was very impressed. The high school kids actually acted like actual high school kids, the acting was very good (especially the QB from Friday Night Lights), and everything ramped up at a good pace. It took the kids a little too long to try to monetize their new skills and the ending was a bit heavy on the CGI, but it was at least earned. I almost didn't mind the always annoying 'found footage' gimmick.

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    Paul Pope’s Battling Boy trailer debuts

    I pre-ordered this book the minute it was available to pre-order.

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