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Thread: The Comic Books and Comic Book movies thread

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    Batwoman Shouldn't Have A Happy Personal Life And Marc Andreyko Is Her New Writer From #25 - Dan DiDio At Baltimore Comic Con, Hear Him Talk (UPDATE) - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

    DiDio has also announced that Marc Andreyko is the new writer of Batwoman starting with issue 25, with a new storyline as part of the Batman universe and a Zero Year issue.

    Looks like Williams and Blackman have been dropped from the book earlier than they’d have liked. They stated they’d be leaving after concluding their story with issue 26. It appears that option has been taken away from them.
    Andreyko's a good enough writer, but I'm done with this book after #24 .

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    Saga Wins Big At 2013 Harvey Awards, Plus Complete List Of Winners - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

    Letterer: Todd Klein for Fables

    Color: Fiona Staples for Saga

    Syndicated strip: Dick Tracy by Joe Staton, Mike Curtis, from Tribune Media Services

    Online Comics Work: Battle Pug by Mike Norton

    American edition of foreign material: Blacksad: A Silent Hell from Dark Horse

    Inker: Klaus Janson for Captain America

    Hero Initiative Lifetime Achievement Award: Sal Buscema

    New Series: Saga from Image

    New Talent: Dennis Hopeless for Avengers Arena from Marvel

    Special Award for Humor in Comics: Ryan North for Adventure Time from KaBoom

    Best original graphic publication for Younger readers: Adventure Time from KaBoom

    Best Graphic album previously published: Alien: the Illustrated Story from Titan Books (accepted by Walter Simonson)

    Best Anthology: Dark Horse Presents

    Best Domestic reprint project: David Mazzucchelli‘s Dared Born Again Artists Edition, IDW

    Best Cover Artist: David Aja, Hawkeye

    Best Biographical, Historical, or Journalistic presentation: Robot 6 blog by CBR

    Special Awards for Excellence in Presentation: Building Stories by Chris Ware

    Dick Giordano Hero Initiative Humanitarian of the Year Award: Paul Levitz

    Best Graphic Album, Original: Richard Stark’s Parker: The Score by Darwyn Cooke from IDW

    Best Continuing or Limited Series: Saga from Image Comics

    Best Writer: Brian K. Vaughan, Saga

    Best Artist: Fiona Staples, Saga

    Best Cartoonist: Jaime Hernandez for Love and Rockets: New Stories from Fantagraphics

    Best Single Issue or Story: Saga #1

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    That reminds me, JD. In this month's Previews, there are solicits for a Wraith: Welcome To Christmasland mini-series.

    Joe Hill Invites You To a Holiday Party In Christmasland

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    Marvel Comics Announces ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW, With Free Catch-Up Digital Codes - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

    So, this is Marvel's new thing. Lots of new #1 issues, to make your bookshelf even more confusing. This, however:

    And existing books will be refreshed with a point.NOW designation, such as Avengers #24.NOW. And those titles will have a digital code to give readers the last batch of issues for free, digitally, to let them catch up.
    is pretty sweet.
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    Ellen Page Is Tara Chace As Greg Rucka's Queen And Country Is Adapted Into A Movie - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

    WHAT THE ****!?

    The film, or indeed films, will be based on the Oni Press comics by Greg Rucka and various artists. According to Variety the filmmakers will be using a screenplay by Leverage creator John Rogers, though he’s warning folk to leave the corks in the champagne a little longer.

    Thanks for the love, but please slow down a bit on the movie news … Could just be press release chuffah.

    — John Rogers (@jonrog1) September 9, 2013

    There’s no director attached as yet.
    Ok. I like Ellen Page a lot, but I don't think she's the right choice.

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    This guy makes some cool collages out of comics MikeAlcantara (Mike Alcantara) on deviantART

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    A Sequel To The Dredd Film In Comics, And An Appeal For One In Film, For Judge Dredd Megazine Next Week - Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

    Next week’s Judge Dredd Megazine, Prog 340, begins a story that’s set directly after the Dredd 3D movie, with design, styling, continuity and characters from the movie. But what chance is there of a movie sequel?

    Well… there is a petition. And signees have received the following;

    Thank you – you’re one of more than 80,000 people have now signed the petition calling for a sequel to DREDD! The response to the petition has been just incredible and the endorsement of the owners of Judge Dredd, 2000 AD and Rebellion, has seen the numbers surpass everyone’s expectations.

    But we still need your help!

    On 18th September, we’re encouraging everyone to take part in a massive DREDD SEQUEL DAY OF ACTION – we’ve already made the moneymen who could get behind a sequel sit up and take notice by consistently keeping the DVD and Blu-Ray in the charts on Amazon and now on Netflix.

    We’re asking everyone who’s signed the petition to come together next Wednesday and drive DREDD back up the charts – if everyone who’s signed the petition bought an extra DVD or Blu-Ray (either for themselves or as a present for a friend) or rented/bought it on iTunes and Netflix it will send the loudest signal yet that WE WANT MORE DREDD!

    So spread the word that on Wednesday 18th September, you’re going to bring DREDD back into the public eye! Plus, it’s the day that the new comic book sequel comes out, with lots of media attention planned for this and the campaign.

    Thanks to Rebellion for helping put this newsletter together – we’re also really pleased to reveal that the official T-shirt for the campaign is now available, so you can wear your support with pride!

    So, you ready?

    DON’T FORGET – if you unsubscribe from the petition your name will no longer appear in the list of those calling for a sequel!

    Stay subscribed and you’ll get occasional updates about how the campaign is doing as well as any major news about a potential sequel – we promise we won’t spam you or pass your details on to any other company.

    And don’t forget to encourage all your friends and family to sign up to at Dredd sequel campaign



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