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    Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey Says GODZILLA Stars Filming in March; Talks THE AVENGERS 2 Sequel | Collider

    McGarvey is set as the cinematographer on Warner Bros. and Legendary’s upcoming Godzilla reboot directed by Gareth Edwards, so Steve asked if he could reveal anything about the highly anticipated monster movie. Though he was remiss to get into plot details, he did reveal the production schedule:

    “We start in March. March ‘til June, I think.”

    At Comic-Con earlier this year, Legendary showed a tease of Godzilla test footage that Edwards shot that had the crowd going wild. McGarvey revealed that they haven’t nailed down the exact visual approach just yet, but he starts prep next week:

    “We still haven’t chosen the direction we’re going visually. I’m sort of testing next week, in fact, for that stuff.”

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    LIFE OF PI Review | Collider

    This could easily fit in the drama, fairytale categories...So jazzed, got tickets for a showing tonight. Look, not sure how many are planning to see this, BUT...this is the one instance you should probably pay the extra for the 3d. I think going to see this in 2d is akin to seeing Avatar without the added dimension. I'm sure this is gonna have more meat on it's story than Avatar, but it is supposed to be amazing don't cheat yourself. I will no doubt give ya a blow by blow breakdown tomorrow after seeing this.

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    so a movie predicated on a book that uses a parable as it's major conceit...JUST SO WONDERFUL . Visually...MAGIC. And such a tremendous spiritual message. ALL about faith. Wherever you may find it. GREAT acting...simply some of the most luscious visuals you will ever wrap your eyes around. Lots of griping about how the message of the book is UNDERLINED by the last 1/2 hour of the movie...small price to pay. It's a deep movie, that cost a LOT of money, if the major concession was to telegraph the MESSAGE, like I said, small price to pay. I can go to my grave with this and Cloud Atlas in my conscience...knowing that great movies will continue to exist. I know...lots of you are thinking...why should I see this? If you want to believe in something...regardless of what it is, this movie could start you on your way.


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    Why don't you marry it then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Naysay View Post
    Why don't you marry it then?

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    Just... just listen.
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    If you're a Gaiman fan and like radio plays and pitch perfect casting, then this may be for you.

    Feast Your Eyes On The Dead Sexy Cast Neil Gaiman Has Assembled For "Neverwhere"

    Oh, and the '96 mini-series is on Netflix if ya wanna catch that.
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    LEGEND OF CONAN Producer Chris Morgan Talks About Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Return | Collider

    So what will we expect him to do as Conan in the next iteration? Morgan stated:

    “He’s not going out and fighting battles, but he ends up getting drawn into something. And he has to access the barbarian he was in his youth. I love that Conan has been many things in his life, notably a pirate, a major tactician and a commander of men. In this movie, we’re going to tap into some of those things – things you haven’t seen on screen yet.”

    Morgan, who was referencing the original Robert E. Howard stories above, is a fan of the original John Milius film, as well as huge fan of the character and every facet of his life:

    “I want the warrior whose joints have started to fuse together, who has to crack the cartilage so he can pick up a sword again. I want the guy who’s not necessarily lost a step, but there’s some rust he has to shake off. I want to embrace that. It makes it a greater hero story. Conan needs to be faced with challenges. The greatest challenge to him isn’t the armies that are set before him. It’s, on some level, self-doubt, a little bit of slowing down and forcing yourself to be heroic beyond what people expect of you. What I don’t want is for him to step back in and look the same. That would defeat the purpose of our story.”
    I am real skeptical about this. It would be nice if they could manage something interesting but so far none of the movies have had that special something that the books did. The first one came close in the first 1/2 hour, and the one with whatshisname from Game of Thrones had some of the later day Conan swashbuckling cheese to it...but it's like Hellraiser, where they just haven't put together ONE solid flick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    It would be nice if they could manage something interesting
    It would be a miracle.



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