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    'The Killing' casts Peter Sarsgaard for season 3 | Inside TV |

    Nice. Along with Elias Koteas they are getting a nice little cast together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Naysay View Post
    I'm gonna tag up on this and say........

    This show seems to run on momentum. That kind of "ohmygodwhosgonnadienextweekwhatshappeningZOMG !!!" and when it took a break for the holidays... and came back....

    I just didn't care as much. Even before the episode started I just kind of.... meh.

    Also... Carl needs to be killed soon because he's about to hit that age where he grows five inches every week. I know it won't jive with the comic book but... what can they do?
    It certainly didn't help that the big cliffhanger from the end of the last half season was resolved in such an anti-climactic manner. I mean, if a couple people with automatic weapons can bust in, throw some smoke grenades, grab two people and leave unmolested, maybe Woodbury wasn't so great after all. It was such a weak cop out. When the group busted in to save Glen and Maggie, they actually had to, you know, fight and I'm pretty sure it took more than 5 minutes to accomplish.

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    TWD 3x09: 12.26 million viewers, 9th most watched show for the week. Better than every show on NBC & ABC. If it weren't for that American Idol garbage, it would have beatten FOX too.

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    So...much better episode last night. They kind of rushed through the Darryl/Merle dynamic...but ok. Poor Lynerd Skynerd! Much like Oscar, we just get to start liking him and...BULLET. That was pretty shocking actually. The only question during the quick siege, the Governor and his men had the Jailees dead to rights. Keep them under fire until the zombies take care of business. But they just walk away. Odd. But otherwise, that was a great plan. Zombies as a weapon.

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    Agreed - way better epi last night. And we were all wondering if the Gov had it in him. HA-HA! Great plan that was really so obvious. Those of us who read the books are probably guilty of over-thinking things. Something like the plan he used does a heck of a lot more damage. Two outer gates gone and over run with zombies and the back of the prison open and over run. Herschel was right - they should've left the prison. They all would've survived. Sorry to see Lynerd die!

    The group is stronger with Merle and Darryl back and you know Merle is going to want revenge on the Gov for the way he done him. That was an interesting piece when they came to the defense of that Hispanic group (well Darryl did). And at least Darryl started collecting his arrows - no infinite ammo! LOL!

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    Who was it, I wonder, who drove the truck full of zombies into the prison? It seemed like a lady, but the person was all covered up and I'm not entirely sure why.

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    I may or may not have teared up when Merle called Glenn Chinese and Daryl said "He's Korean!"

    such a great ending to the episode last night. I was sorry to see Axel (apparently that's his name. who knew?) go. his death was definitely shocking. and the zombie truck bomb was such a great idea. I was a little confused as to why the Governor and his cronies didn't really try finish up Rick's group...they just left. I'm assuming he just wanted to scare them into not trying to attack/assert his dominance.

    I also want to know who the ninja driving the truck was. my first thought is that it was Milton, and then I realized they looked a little too trim to be him, so I'm wondering if it was the woman Andrea was talking to who was manning the wall at Woodbury. she seemed like kind of a bitch. and where did she disappear to after the walkers were let out of the truck?

    overall, I loved the episode. the shootout at the end really was great.

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    As far as the driver of the zombomb truck...they were all ninja'd up, I would assume, for bite protection. And bullet protection too I suppose. After all, the easy part was delivering the payload. The hard part was trying to get out past the firefight and none too particular zombies. I really thought Axel was gonna be courtin competition for Carol's affection. Kinda liked him. Just a suggestion...supporting players, DO NOT let us know your back story or talk too much. If you do...keep yer heads down.
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    My kids (who don't watch the show ... yet - lol they want to) said "who is the chick who is driving that truck?" So I think it was the woman that Andrea was questioning unless the Gov had already left for the firefight. The Zombomb (great comment jd) was the perfect approach. And they didn't stay to finish them off because they need to have adversaries for the rest of the season! LOL.

    Agree on not getting too comphy if you are a secondary player. You are zombie bait otherwise. At least Axel/Lnyerd won't come back as a zombie ...

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    How did they fit that many zombies in the truck? Were they all clowns before they died?



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