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Thread: All Things:AMC television

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    10 mins to new Walking Dead!

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    Toy Fair 2012: McFarlane Gives Head to The Walking Dead! | Horror Movie, DVD, & Book Reviews, News, Interviews at Dread Central

    We've seen some extremely cool packaging for DVD and/or Blu-ray releases over the years, but we have to say that the case designed by McFarlane Toys for "The Walking Dead" Season 2 Special Edition Blu-ray pretty much takes the cake.

    Here's what MTV Geek learned about the case:

    Based on an actual television zombie bust designed by Emmy™ Award-winning Special Effects Make-up Supervisor and Co-Executive Producer Greg Nicotero and KNB EFX Group, the Special Edition Blu-ray will be distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment. The prototype will be featured at the McFarlane Toys booth during Toy Fair, along with a number of other zombie-related goodies.

    When compared to the Blu-ray packaging hidden in the neck, the head isn't quite life-size, but let's not nitpick. As soon as pre-orders are available, you can be sure we'll be getting one for the Dread Central offices! Hit up the below link to see more from every angle.

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    That's why I'm pro Rick.
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    That was a pretty bad-a$$ ending. Rick is going to come out ok in this whole thing I think. Shane (who is obviously losing it) and Lori (ditto) not so much. And what is up with Darryl ... strap it up ladies and gentlemen - this is going to be a great ride in the next 5 epi's me thinks!

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    Yeah, that ending was ****ing badass.

    Made up for almost nothing else happening in the episode.

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    Thoughts on Comic Book Men?

    I thought it was ok. I liked the Antiques Roadshow bits, but the rest of it didn't do a whole lot for me. Willing to give it some more time, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adgy-san View Post
    Thoughts on Comic Book Men?

    I thought it was ok. I liked the Antiques Roadshow bits, but the rest of it didn't do a whole lot for me. Willing to give it some more time, though.
    The guys were likeable enough, and it had just enough Kevin Smith for his fans and detractors to be satisfied. The buying segments seemed a little manufactured though. Not sure how much 'reality' was there. To put it in comic book terms, right now, this is bottom of the stack material.

    And poor Michael Raymond James. Dude just cannot hold on to a job. Mazzara was on Talking Dead last night and the guy seemed kinda defensive and curt with his answers. And folks, it is just like the comics in one regard. Rick, while always trying to do the right thing, is plagued by handwringing and, lets face it, bad decision making. Him and his wife are both consistently dopey. Real curious where they are going with Darryl.

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    Good episode of TWD last night. I liked that Rick is coming around. But you can also see that Shane is gathering folks loyal to him as well. The ultimate conflict here is between Rick & Shane, and I could see how they could take us down a path that ends with the two of them squaring off in some manner, with the others (including Herschel & his family) choosing sides. It also seems like the folks on the farm are going to be visited by some of the new people they introduced and also alluded to in the next episode preview.

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    Ok, Kevin Smith on (Attack of the Show) admitted that the buying segments on Comic Book Men was enhanced through casting. They put out a casting call for people who wanted to sell stuff to comic book stores, which explains the labored feeling to me. He says that the back and forth is unscripted so it's still technically 'reality'. At least he owned up to it. Fair enough.



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