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Thread: All Things:AMC television

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    And what's with Lori reeling from him. She practically told him to kill Shane a few episodes ago. She's annoying.
    She's probably the most poorly-written character. I think most people can suspend their disbelief about a zombie apocalypse, and even let a few characters act irrationally, but she's just a little too out there.

    I think every time you invoke a "seriously? SERIOUSLY!?" reaction to one of your characters, you start pulling viewers out of their suspension of disbelief and remind them that it's just a melodrama.

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    I hope Comic Book Men gets another season, it's a fun show.

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    After continuing to enjoy what was a mostly stagnant and, let's face it, disappointing Season 2 of The Walking Dead I have to say that the big finale did very little to make me feel any better about the way the series is going.

    Where do I start?

    Lori. God. I hope they kill her sometime in the very near future. She sucks and annoys the **** out of me.

    The zombies. Is it just me, or did a lot of the zombies in this episode not look as much like zombies? I'm pretty sure during the opening when that horde busts through the wood fence I saw a girl with zombie makeup on her face and the rest of her body looked totally clean and normal. A lot of them looked like cosplayers, actually.

    Pretty sure the closing shot was of the prison, but I kind of hope it is the Governor's mansion because that will make for some good television. I'm assuming it's the jail, though, which means we can probably expect season 3 to be similar to season 2 for a good chunk of it. The group stays in the same place and argues with each other.

    Really, the saving grace of this episode were Andrea and Michonne. Not necessarily together. It's great to see Andrea coming in to her own and giving me a character other than Darryl to really enjoy. And Michonne... all I can say is FINALLY.

    I did enjoy the season overall, but I definitely agree that there are some major issues with characterization that I, personally, never had with the comic book. Even 15 volumes into the comic series, I'm enjoying it just as much as ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBrown View Post
    I hope Comic Book Men gets another season, it's a fun show.
    I am actually enjoying this show, even though I find Walt Flanagan to be a giant douche. The dude with the beard is funny and they're talking about friggin' COMICS the whole time!

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    Overall, I was pretty underwhelmed by this season. It had it's high points and it's very boring low points. But I just can't say no to anything with zombies so I can't help but be excited for season 3.

    I really hate Lori, by the way. As pretty much everyone else has said. I've never liked her, but this episode genuinely made me hate her. If she's mad and hurt that Rick killed Shane because it's pretty much her fault, then she needs to man the **** up. If she's mad that Carl had to get involved by killing zombie Shane, then she needs to keep a better eye on that kid. Is he that ****ing stealthy that no one EVER knows where he is? Is he a ninja? Does he have an invisibility cloak? Put that ****ing kid on a leash instead of doing nothing except running around screaming, "WHERE'S CARL?!"

    I feel a little better now. And I'm really happy that Tara from True Blood isn't playing Michonne. I don't know why, but she really annoys me.

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    Talking Dead cleared up a lot of stuff. Apparently Lori's reaction was because she knew she set things in motion. So either bad acting or directing compounded the bad writing because that never came through. Also they said this is the start of the Rick-tatorship(clever) and from now on there will be a lot more telling and a lot less asking. They announced the actress who plays Michonne, and ain't Tara. I will eventually find an article and post it. She looks a little smallish but at least she doesn't appear to be Zoe Saldana hot. That was indeed the prison, so that will be a big part...whether they fold the Governor into the prison remains to be seen. Kirkman pretty much assured Merle will return in season 3. I just want to say that I dig Chris Hardwick...he's a great host and someone should give him a show based on his whole NERDIST idea.

    The armless zombie pets were pretty kickass. But lets all hope that season 3 is more cohesive and has better character development than season 2. I thought Lori should have been more freaked out about the fact that the baby inside her, if it dies in her womb, would more than likely eat it's way out. Now there's a reason to freak out.

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    I'm really hoping for the Governor in season 3. That was the best part of the comics.

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    And just for reference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Palffy3314 View Post
    I'm really hoping for the Governor in season 3. That was the best part of the comics.
    Governor has already been cast. So yeah, let's see if they can get that right. Apparently Kirkman and co. have been writing since January. I am going to give them a pass on season 2. I really think that, like the rumors hinted, Jeffrey DeMunn, a regular Darabont player, requested an exit from the show when FD was canned. Kirkman all but confirmed on Talking. Said that Jimmy was locked in for the pasture death and 'we had to change things'. Herschel was apparently locked in to dying last night...but they had to 'change things'. I think Herschel was kept to be a softer version of Dale's character. I like it because Scott wilson is a good actor and there is room for the backstory on ol'Hersch. I wonder if Kirkman got cowed by Darabont in the writers room. It seemed like he was taking his show back when he was talking about it. There is a good behind the scenes story there...I know it.

    And may as well go all 'JD we hardly knew ye' because I have never watched a single episode nor do I intend to, of Mad Men. Not my scene. I admit, I am probably missing out...but then again I am a Hell On Wheels guy big time so, different strokes.

    Oh. I don't want to hear any "too slow/They didn't solve murder" crap. 2 hr The Killing!!!!! Awesomeness.

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    THE WALKING DEAD Casts Danai Gurira in Pivotal Third Season Role

    Everyone gone? Good. AMC has officially announced that Danai Gurira (of Treme and The Visitor) has landed the role of Michionne, the fan favorite character from the comic book on which the series is based. The character showed up last night on the season finale, likely to plenty of cheers and applause in viewers’ homes. It’s unclear just what’s going to happen in the series next season, even for those who have read the comics, but her arrival comes at a time when our group has been falling apart, and this should make for an interesting new dynamic.



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