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Thread: All Things:AMC television

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    Mazzara is very twitchy/evasive/defensive whenever he addresses questions...he reminds me of this guy

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    Bryan Cranston Talks BREAKING BAD Season 5 and Directing MODERN FAMILY

    Pretty interesting well thought out guy. Nothing really about the show, more a glimpse into the guy as an actor. Worth a read.

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    How dare Don regret his wife after that performance.
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    Glad to see Mad Men back last night, long overdue. The lasting impressions I had of the episode were of the comedic moments. As usual, Roger had the best lines in the episode. The writers put plenty of plot threads in movement last night, it'll be interesting to see how they play out. I have a feeling that the cynicism of the characters will play out in different ways against some of the historical story lines the writers demonstrated in the episode.

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    I am the only one who can't get past Megan's FUBAR'D teeth, no matter how much she slinks around in her lacy under garments?

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    I think it adds to her sexiness.
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    i like imperfect teeth as long as they're clean.

    i bought a 7" copy of that zou bisou bisou song.

    i loved how harry crane kept going on about how he'd do megan.

    lane's obsession with delores is funny and borderline creepy.

    roger was awesome. even after pete pranked him into showing up in staten island at 6am.

    damn, joan and her mom... i know what that's like.



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