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Thread: All Things:AMC television

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    I am very glad that they are divorcing themselves from the Governor of the comic books. It was very cartoony and would have come off as such on the tv show. Like the addition of the doctor and whatever it is they are attempting to figure out. You have to think the gov staring at the picture of his loved ones will work in somehow. Is he trying to reverse the curse? Are his loved ones waiting for the cure somewhere? Andrea sure is willing to follow anyone with an ounce of power. I really felt for the first time since s1 the STORY actually was moving forward. I don't expect it to last, but last nights episode was the best in a long while. Good to see Merle again, Rooker is just awesome. It was a bold and successful move to stay with the Woodbury storyline last night. I wonder if they are going to go all 'prison' next episode or they are going to cut back and forth.
    Finally got caught up on all the episodes last night.

    I don't always agree with you on this show, JD, but I'm right on with you here. I really like the difference in the Governor so far. I'm really hoping that what ends up happening with the Gov in the comic is not what happens in the show. I thought it worked for the comic, but, yeah, it might be a little overboard for the show.

    As far as the Prison stuff so far... I'm pretty happy with it. I really, really like the new Rick. Zero ****s given. And I'm glad that Carl isn't such a little **** anymore, too.

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    ‘Hell on Wheels’ Season 3 Renewal on Hold | CraveOnline

    Earlier this week, a report stated that AMC had renewed “Hell on Wheels” for a third season, but that series creators, Joe and Tony Gayton would depart the show to focus on other projects. And it turns out that the Gaytons aren’t the only ones leaving.

    Despite the initial word that “Hell on Wheels” showrunner, John Shiban would remain with the series for its ten episode third season, Deadline is now reporting that Shiban is also stepping down from his position, leaving “Hell on Wheels” without a showrunner.

    Consequently, AMC has reportedly put the renewal of “Hell on Wheels” on hold until a new showrunner is found. What that means for the show’s future or return date isn’t clear. “Hell on Wheels” was a solid performer during its second season on AMC, with an average of 2.4 million viewers without enjoying some of the advantage it had in the first season behind “The Walking Dead.”
    aw takesies backsies!!!!

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    I do give Rick credit for coming the closest to my plan for solving the zombie apocalypse - killing all the zombies! When you are armed, prepared, and in a group, it is relatively easy to kill zombies. You aren't really going to be safe from zombies and you certainly aren't going to have a functional 21st century world unless you kill them all. Obviously you have to do something to take care of new zombies when people die, but it is a lot easier to manage that when all the existing zombies are dead.

    Now that Merle is back, can we look forward to the black guy from the very first episode finally returning sometime in the middle of the seventh season?

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    'Mythbusters' To Do Special 'Breaking Bad' Episode; Aaron Paul, Creator Vince Gilligan To Appear | Geeks of Doom

    The first test, handled by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, with determine whether the scene in season 1 of Breaking Bad in which Pauls character ignores a warning from co-star Bryan Cranstons character to use a plastic container to dissolve a body in hydrofluoric acid. He ignores the warning and instead uses a regular bath tub, which, of course, the acid eats through and eventually causes the tub to fall through the floor.

    The rest of the team, Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara, will perform a series of tests to confirm or bust another scene from the show. A third one was also in the works, but these two ended up being big enough for the episode, and it was decided to save the third for a possible follow-up Breaking Bad episode. In fact, Savage thinks there could be even two more episodes dedicated to the show, if all works out.

    Of the announcement, Savage said:

    Weve been wanting to do a Breaking Bad episode for awhile. Obviously theres a lot of fertile material to play with, so things that happen on the show have been ending up on our list of stories to tackle for a couple years now. And when Vince said in an interview that hed love to see a Mythbusters/Breaking Bad crossover, we reached out to him directly and the response was overwhelming positive.

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    I hope they do the most obvious - does Walt's formula really result in a high-purity, blue meth?

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    Regarding Dead ... Um, wow. Didn't see that coming ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by roenick View Post
    Regarding Dead ... Um, wow. Didn't see that coming ...
    That whole episode is going to take some time to settle in. I thought it was amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmytheKing View Post
    That whole episode is going to take some time to settle in. I thought it was amazing.
    Totally agree with you! That was a good episode.

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    Default All Things:AMC television

    #TWD so good tonight. Wow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaingunsofdoom View Post
    #TWD so good tonight. Wow!
    For all of us who complained of the snails pace of last season it feels like they are in a race this season. Really well done.



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