Well, Walking Dead was kind of a popcorn fart wasn't it. Let's be honest...why be afraid of Woodbury? The Jailees went in there twice, the second time without Darryl and with one member who just got over a pseudo rape, and pretty much did what they wanted to do. And now the Governor is sulking/pouting and the ends are really fraying. Take away Merle from their ranks and really, it's a few hard guys, a bunch of women and some random older non fighter types. Not exactly a force to be reckoned with. And all that what will Darryl do hypothetical...well, he's gonna head off with Merle, DONE. I get it, I do...Merle isn't going to be invited into the treehouse, but they just really oversimplified things there. Would have thought Darryl might have fought harder. I did like Carol's reaction. Sad that she is not listed in the opening credits, she really is kind of the soul of the group. Nice work by her and a few nice moments between Herschell/Glenn/Maggie...but Glenn's new badass role plays a little...off. And Rick's pink panty meltdown at the end was silly. Just silly. So, you guys are being led by a frickin looney. It's one thing if he is grieving and keeps that **** inward(like in the comics) but the public blowout...you have to rethink him being in command.

Oh, and Maggie's sister(does she really have a name?) that kiss on the cheek was a little 'is there something more there' when Rick came back. After the last 2 episodes leading into the break, this one was a little weak.