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Thread: LGK's Hard & Heavy

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyalSubject View Post
    Fans of 80's thrash should give these guys a listen. They've managed to capture the genre's sound without sounding terribly derivative. An instant thrash classic (imo) in 2013. Who'd of thought?

    So much roots in good though.
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    Hopefully some of you guys can make it, my band will be co headlining with Windhand (Side project of Cough) on September 22nd at the Complex in Glendale.

    The Best Los Angeles Metal Shows To See In September

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    Ghost live at Rock In Rio

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyalSubject View Post
    36 days left to contribute to Sam Dunn's Inidegogo campaign to help pay for the final costs in releasing the lost Extreme Metal episode of the Metal Evolution series.

    Metal Evolution: Extreme Metal - The Final Round | Indiegogo

    I'm a Heavy Metal Ancestral Overlord. I feel so kvlt.
    The campaign is now in it's final 36 hours, and really close to meeting its mark. Last chance to donate and pick up some swag!

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    I"m looking forward to the Extreme Metal episode and glad they are doing it.



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