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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    THE MATRIX Fight Choreographer Yuen Wo Ping to Direct CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON II

    Ping, Yen, Yeoh...that enough for you to sign off on this Adgy?
    Yup. Already at half chub.

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    It's Official: Tom Cruise Will Be Back For 'Mission: Impossible 5' | The Playlist

    Deadline reports that Cruise has signed on to star and produce "Mission: Impossible 5" (subtitle to be determined), with JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot also throwing their weight in there as well. And that's about it at the moment folks. No word if Jeremy Renner or Paula Patton will return or who will direct. Christopher McQuarrie has long been expected to take the reins for his best bud Cruise, but Paramount have yet to reveal if that will actually be the case, although it's worth bearing in mind that a couple of months ago he did seem uncertain about the job.

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    Review: The Hangover Part III breaks new ground as it says good-bye

    I'll be curious to see what the general public makes of this one. It feels to me like the right way to round out the series, but it's such a different film in many ways that I have no idea if people will respond to it or not. I think they managed to redeem the series with this last film, and it strikes me as a very strange take on the story so far. Todd Phillips will no doubt continue to mine the darkness we all have inside of us for laughs in the future, so it's good to see that when it comes down to it, he has a soft spot for his own characters, and he does ultimately give them all some small bit of solace, even if they seem determined to piss it away in the film's final images.

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