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    SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS Movie Posters and Images

    I slept thru the first one this morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS Movie Posters and Images

    I slept thru the first one this morning.
    Needs more Noomi.

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    Dimension Commissions Two Different Scripts for BAD SANTA 2

    The long-awaited sequel to 2003’s fantastically black comedy Bad Santa is getting some serious movement. Star Billy Bob Thornton first told Steve about the project last year, and this past March the actor entered talks to return for a second go-around. Now comes the news that Dimension Films, which is producing the follow-up, has commissioned two writers to pen two different scripts for Bad Santa 2. The studio apparently plans to choose between the screenplays once they’re finished, and may even use the sidelined one for Bad Santa 3. Hit the jump for more.

    24 Frames reports that the two screenwriters working on the project are Johnny Rosenthal and John Phillips. They have yet to have a script produced, but Rosenthal sold a period adventure to Sony for $1 million and Phillips recently sold an R-rated comedy called Dirty Grandpa to Universal.

    I’m a huge fan of the original Bad Santa, and I’m all for a sequel as long as it’s a hard-R. What made the first one so great was its incredibly dark humor anchored by a great cast that was game for anything. The first film’s director (Terry Zwigoff) and screenwriters (Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, with a little help from the Coen brothers) are not returning for the sequel.

    While I’m a little concerned about outsiders coming in and trying too hard to copy the original, hopefully something surprising can come out of the two scripts. With Thornton definitely onboard, it should be interesting to see how many characters from the first film they’re able to bring back. Brett Kelly was spot-on as Thurman Murman (which remains one of the greatest character names ever created in the history of everything), but now he could very well suffer from Jonathan Lipnicki syndrome.

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    ‘Transformers 4 & 5’ May Shoot Back-To-Back, Jason Statham Being Eyed As New Lead > The Playlist

    With Shia LaBeouf not planning to come back Variety reports that apparently some names are already being tossed around to lead the next films (yes, there will be more than one it seems, we’ll get to that in a moment). And unfortunately for franchise mainstays Josh Duhamel and Tyrese their names haven’t come up (not too surprising). Instead, it’s none other than skull cracking, runway walking, football playing, ‘Transporter’ and ‘Expendables’ man himself, THE STAFE aka Jason Statham. This rumor has actually been knocking around since the summer, and while it now has a bit more legitimacy to it, there’s still a caveat: it’s still very early days and no offer has been made, so who knows how this will play out. But it is an interesting, half obvious/half surprising choice.
    Really??? Statham???

    Oh, but wait, there’s more. Writer Ehren Kruger has apparently come up with an idea that the studio likes that could potentially see “Transformers 4” and “Transformers 5” shoot back-to-back. While other studios have gone down that road with success (it’s a great way to keep costs under control on expensive tentpole projects) Paramount surprisingly has never done it, but are toying with the idea. Again, it’s still early in development and writers still need to be found, but even more, Michael Bay may come back—again—to direct. Yes, he still wants to do his lower budgeted, smaller scale bodybuilding world crime flick “Pain and Gain,” but the thinking is that if he manages to knock it out fast, he could climb back aboard to direct ‘Transformers’ in late 2012 or early 2013. We’re not surprised Bay is still interested—directing “Transformers” movies is almost the perfect synthesis of everything in his adolescent teen oeuvre. And it also gives him the opportunity to get as much money as possible to shoot models and **** blowing up. Not a bad gig at all.

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    Thought I read that he is up for the Fast & Furious franchise too. Don't blame the guy if he takes both...make that money. I still won't be watching no Transformers though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    Thought I read that he is up for the Fast & Furious franchise too. Don't blame the guy if he takes both...make that money. I still won't be watching no Transformers though.
    I will go see all 4 of those movies if he really does end up starring in them and I won't feel bad or guilty about it one single bit.

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    ‘X-Men: First Class’ Writers Ashley Miller & Zack Stentz Hired To Pen ‘Top Gun 2’ > The Playlist

    ”X-Men: First Class” writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz have been tapped to pen the script for the sequel, though the announcement is mostly interesting for what it doesn’t mention. For one, Christopher McQuarrie confirmed last year that he had written a script in which Tom Cruise’s Maverick was still a central character saying, “There is no ‘Top Gun 2’ in which Maverick is not the starring role.” There’s no word if Miller and Stentz are rewriting his script or starting from scratch. And what about mooted directed Tony Scott? Yep, no mention of him either. He too was linked to the director’s chair in 2010 and contradicting McQuarrie somewhat, he said it’s not a sequel.

    “It’s not even a reinvention, it’s not even a sequel. It’s a re-thinking,” Scott said cryptically. “What inspired me is that the world today is great, it’s so different from the world we touched originally. It’s really run by guys sitting in Nevada on computers playing war games.”

    So then, what is this? Reboot, spinoff, reimagining? Who knows. Not even Tom Cruise has committed to anything yet. So don’t get your jets all in a lather just yet. However, Jerry Bruckheimer and David Ellison are producing the project which is set up over at Paramount, so this still is a real deal thing. We’d guess that the picky Tom Cruise is looking for some options and wants the material to be right before he brings Maverick back.

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