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Thread: All Things: TELEVISON

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    I watched a few episodes of my backlog of The Following. Bates Motel better be something, because the Following is hilariously ridiculous. How many people are in this ridiculous murder club? What organization haven't they infiltrated? How is that one freak still alive after Kevin Bacon stabbed the crap out of him? Is there anything more ludicrous than that guy telling the head baddies to murder him so his life can have meaning? Did I really just see baddie #2 and his chick strangle each other for foreplay?

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    I like both shows for the obvious ridiculousness.
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    Dunno, the Following is pretty silly. How many times can the wife escape and get recaptured. And the FBI are almost Keystone Kop-y. But damned if Bates isn't almost intentionally wtf-y. I really am fascinated by it.

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    Abridged Version Of Pulled ‘Hannibal’ Episode To Run As Web Series

    I haven't watched Hannibal yet, but I have read that pulling this episode(in response to sensitivity issues re:the marathon bombings) has hurt the continuity a bit. I think the concern(apparently it was regarding kids as killers) is an over reaction...but whatever. Tv always freaks out whenever there is a public act of violence.

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    Revolution's renewal was expected. Yay!

    Chicago Fire has been a pleasant surprise. I like this show a lot. It really feels like Third Watch.

    Now all I need is Community, Go On, and Guys with Kids to get renewed on NBC!
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    Watched a couple of episodes of Mad Men and started getting into that show. Afterward they showed the premier of Rectify. Very good show, follow a man who gets released from prison that served for 20 years afer DNA results it was not his sperm in the rape/murder victim. Shows how awkward he feels getting back to life outside of prison. Also shows how family member, police and others react to this and the story. It's continuing tonight on the Sundance Channel and I intend to watch.

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    I have the first episode stored up and a dvr catch all set as far as Rectifiy. They just finished up Top of the Lake, which was also good and available on Netflix if you wanna check it out. Looks like Sundance is getting into the quality tv bidness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooCool View Post
    Chicago Fire has been a pleasant surprise. I like this show a lot. It really feels like Third Watch.
    Don't go saying that - I may have to start watching it.



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