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Thread: All Things: TELEVISON

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    Rectify, which was a Sundance channels show is out today on dvd/blu. Maybe not worth a buy, but definitely worth a rent. I expect it to follow Top of the Lake(another Sundance show) to Netflix if you want to wait there is a good chance. It's a real good show though. Sad as hell and well acted.

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    from the 'feel good tv' files

    NBC greenlights a doc about Rhoda star Valerie Harpers dying days

    I think NBC still holds a grudge from the whole Valerie/Valerie's Family/Hogan Family fiasco and they want to make sure she passes...

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    NBC Fall Schedule

    Monday, September 23
    8-10 PM The VOICE (5th season Premiere)
    10-11 PM THE BLACKLIST (Series debut)

    Tuesday, September 24
    8-9 PM TBD
    9-10 PM The VOICE (Tuesday Premiere)
    10-11 PM CHICAGO FIRE (2nd season premiere)

    Wednesday, September 25
    8-9 PM REVOLUTION (2nd season premiere)
    9-11 PM LAW & ORDER: SVU (15th season premiere)

    Thursday, September 26
    8-9 PM PARKS AND RECREATION (6th season premiere)
    9-9:30 PM THE MICHAEL J FOX SHOW (Series debut)
    10-11 PM PARENTHOOD (5th season premiere)

    Friday, September 27
    Wednesday, October 2
    10-11 PM IRONSIDE (Series debut)

    Thursday, October 3
    8:30 PM WELCOME TO THE FAMILY (Series debut)
    9 PM SEAN SAVES THE WORLD (Series debut)

    Tuesday, October 8

    Friday, October 25
    8-9 PM DATELINE NBC (Regular slot premiere)
    9-10 PM GRIMM (3rd season premiere)
    10-11 PM DRACULA (Series debut)
    "We still have some guys that haven't scored since Jesus was a baby" - Sutter

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    That's a lot of meh. That Dracula show looks...sorry...toothless.

    Only good thing about Ironside is that it has Brent Sexton(the Killing/Justified).

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    Review: NBCs Crossing Lines takes Criminal Minds formula to Europe

    Fichtner, who did a long stint on "Prison Break" (and has headlined short-lived dramas like "Invasion" and "MDs"), does some solid work as the damaged American, and the ensemble as a whole including Donald Sutherland as a lawyer at The Hague who helps authorize the group's existence, and Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H'Ghar from "Game of Thrones") as the German tech expert is strong. The production values from shooting in Europe are also excellent, and other than some shots of the Eiffel Tower to establish location, the show doesn't suffer from the need to put a major landmark in the back of every shot when the cops go from country to country.

    There's potentially a very interesting show about cops from different cultures, with different methods of policing, learning to work together. Based on the pilot, at least, "Crossing Lines" just treats all that as window dressing for the same old, same old.

    Read more at Review: NBCs Crossing Lines takes Criminal Minds formula to Europe
    Ok, I'm in on this simply cause of Fichtner. But Jaqen H'Qar TOO. IN!

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    As much as I enjoy Grimm of what it is.......

    I cannot imagine it being any good moving forward.

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    oh and goddammit everybody needs to watch Hannibal.

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    Can I finish Sherlock first?



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