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Thread: All Things: TELEVISON

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    Here ya go TC

    TV site predicts Fringe and Alcatraz will be canceled, Terra Nova in trouble | Blastr

    As for Terra Nova, we keep expecting to see Fox make the call—one way or the other—any day now. Seidman classifies it as "on the bubble," meaning it's in trouble but neither a likely nor an unlikely candidate for cancellation. Its numbers were never stellar, but on average it pulled in more than Alcatraz has the last two weeks.

    As we've said before, one of the reasons Fox has waited this long to decide Terra Nova's fate is Alcatraz. The network had to see if its spring dramas would top its fall dramas and then make the call on which ones to keep and which ones to ditch. Alcatraz looked like it would come out on top in its first two weeks, but it looks to be rapidly falling from favor. Right now it seems that if there's going to be a winner among this trio of struggling sci-fi shows, it's going to be Terra Nova. But nothing is certain yet.

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    Patton Oswalt Is A 'Working Class Hero' At Fox | CraveOnline

    Despite an already crowded Animation Domination lineup on Sunday nights, Fox is always on the lookout for the next breakout animated series. And although "Allen Gregory" died a relatively quick death and "Napoleon Dynamite" is struggling, Fox may have better luck with its next project.

    According to Deadline, Patton Oswalt and "American Dad" co-creator and executive producer, Mike Barker have been given an order to produce a presentation for "Working Class Hero." The potential animated series takes place in a world where being a superhero is commonplace and it is also considered to be a low paying government job.

    Oswalt will play the main character, a father whose super powers aren't able to compare with those of his co-workers or his "demanding family."

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    Mena Suvari and Kyle Howard Co-Star in NBC Sitcom; Michael Raymond-James to Star in MIDNIGHT SUN; Jonathan Jackson Joins NASHVILLE

    NBC cast Michael Raymond-James as one of the leads lead in the thriller Midnight Sun. Based on an Israeli series, Midnight Sun centers on “the mysterious disappearance of Midnight Sun, a group living on a cult-like commune in Dugan, Alaska, and a female FBI cult specialist leading the investigation that uncovers a larger conspiracy.” Raymond-James will play an Alaskan lawyer who serves as the second-in-command of the Dugan Police. I first noticed Raymond-James from across the room in True Blood. I fell in love after Terriers. Really happy to see him land the lead in a network pilot, no matter where it leads.
    Titus Welliver(man in black/LOST) and now this guy...crosses fingers...

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    More people should be watching "The River," since it's unlike anything else I've seen on broadcast TV. Cheesy yes, entertaining hell yes.

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    Watching real time w/ Bill Maher...god I want to punch him. Yet, like Keith Olberman, the dude trancends his obvious douche status by being too smart for the room. Great show.

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    Thanks to the rescheduling of the redneck left turn fest Alcatraz got shafted. I will alert you guys if I see a reschedule anywhere otherwise all four of us watching will have to wait till onDemand.

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    I heard next week will be back to back episodes
    "We still have some guys that haven't scored since Jesus was a baby" - Sutter

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