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    Could the end of Alcatraz mean a second season for Terra Nova? | Blastr

    Terra Nova and Alcatraz have a lot in common. They're both sci-fi shows, they both air Monday nights on Fox, and they're both facing the possibility of becoming single-season programs. These days, though, Alcatraz seems to be the one in hotter water. If Fox cuts it loose, does that guarantee Terra Nova's return?

    Just a few weeks ago, it was looking like Alcatraz wasn't going anywhere, thanks to high early ratings and good vibes from more than a few TV critics. But lately the ratings have been fading fast, leading people like Robert Seidman at TV by the Numbers to predict that the show is likely on its way out.

    If that happens, then there's a Monday night timeslot open that Terra Nova could fill, right? Add that to the loss of long-running drama House and the possible cancellation of new procedural The Finder and it seems like Fox would have plenty of room to keep Terra Nova around.

    Well, some experts aren't convinced. Seidman's cohort Bill Gorman calls the show a "toss-up" for renewal or cancellation and notes that Fox is still holding out on making the decision despite previous reports that they'd have to do it fast or risk putting the show behind on a second season production schedule.

    "I called BS on that timing then, and figured Fox could hold off longer than the conventional wisdom accepted they could," Gorman said. "It's almost March, and still no decision from Fox! Be certain that the instant a decision is communicated to the producers it will become public information."

    So what else could Fox be waiting for? Well, late March brings with it both the premiere (after a very successful preview episode earlier this year) of the supernatural drama Touch and the season finale of Alcatraz. Perhaps Fox wants to give Alcatraz a full (albeit short) season before minds are made up, or perhaps they want to see if Touch's numbers will stay high after a preview screening that drew 12 million viewers. Either way, all these shows (and Fringe) are tied together, and sometime soon something's gotta give.

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    I'm slightly ashamed to admit this but I laughed harder last night during Tosh.0 then for as long as I can remember.

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    Just caught up on the last few SouthLAnds on my DVR.

    Man that show is great!

    It is rare that I laugh out loud and then later wince in the same show. And it also rare that characters go from likeable to a-hole from episode to episode, except for Dewey, who is always an a-hole and Det. Adams who is always likeable. The rest are always in flux.

    And when you first heard that C. Thomas Howell was going to be in the show what did you think? Probably not that he was going to be great as the perfect a-hole. And Lucy Liu? A pal of mine and me groaned when we learned she was joining the show. But I will damned if she does not pull it off. Even Lou Diamond Phillips played a perfect jaded a-hole cop, he actually had one of my favorite lines in the show of late. I am bummed that Yara Martinez (Nate's widow) was written out of the show because she is way hot, and what ever happened to Chickie and Det. Salinger?

    This show destroys!
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    BD Horror News - TV: "666 Park" To Be Co-Managed By Rachael Taylor

    More casting on, what sounds like, an interesting idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kings Provisional View Post
    what ever happened to Chickie and Det. Salinger?
    I read that this season they had a big reduction in the budget which meant less actors. I miss Chickie too, she was a great counter to Dewey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CardiacKid56 View Post
    I read that this season they had a big reduction in the budget which meant less actors. I miss Chickie too, she was a great counter to Dewey.
    She was. It sucks that they to cut budget for this show. NBC had a legit hit on their hands with this one and they stupidly let it get away, it would have nice to see what SouthLAnd might be like if they still had a full budget behind them

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    Shaun Hatosi was on GeekTime on Sirius last week and he ws kind of laughing about how NBC would kill right now for the ratings that Southland got. I really wish this was on netflix streaming.

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    Hercules Says Again: NBC’s AWAKE, Premiering Tonight, Is The Best New Broadcast Series Of The Season!!
    Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.

    NBC’s “Awake” pilot has been on the Internet legally for weeks (and likely illegally since last June, when I got my first copy), so I’m not particularly compelled to burn a lot of calories explaining why I think it’s easily the best broadcast pilot of the 2011-2012 broadcast season.

    It’s about a police detective whose life suddenly splits into two realities following a horrific car crash. In one reality, his wife dies and his son survives. In the other, his son dies and his wife survives. He can’t tell which is which. He even has different psychoanalysts in each reality, each of whom insists the other shrink is the fake one.

    I’ll say this. It’s smarter than most movies, it’s ambitious, it’s moving, it’s sci-fi and it stars the great and versatile Jason Isaacs, a bit less nasty here than he was as Lucious Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” movies and the lead mobster in Showtime’s “Brotherhood.” B.D. Wong (“Oz”) and Cherry Jones (“24”) are both excellent as the therapists with the competing theories.

    If you haven’t seen “Awake,” my advice is just tune in and keep your eyes and ears open.
    WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!



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