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Thread: All Things: TELEVISON

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    yeah...but you didn't watch CHASE...ha, you must have that clip 'hot-keyed' little brother. Jaweh bless you son.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil View Post
    yeah...but you didn't watch CHASE..
    but The Event was bad enough to get two shows canceled.

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    Thought Person of Interest was really good. Will season pass that for sure. 2 Broke Girls was entertaining, so will watch that too. New Girl was awesome.

    Hopefully Terra Nova is OK, but Fox might burn it to the ground. :(

    Only other new show I'm watching is Ringer and that's only for SMG.

    Playboy Club was bad. Charlie's Angels was worse. Ugh.

    Will check out Pan Am tonight and see how that us.
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    I think Terra Nova could grow into a decent NETWORK show. It won't get that chance. Too pricey/fx too hard to produce on a weekly basis, and the pilot is 2 hours of tremendously boring with the dino money shot coming right before the credits. Try it, maybe you will feel differently. Stephen Lang is a badass and deserves to finally be recognized...sadly I think he won't be on this long because a 'major death' has already been promised in some of the articles I have read.

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    BTW Heart of Archness pt 2...the voice of 'bucky' was none other than James 'Lo Pan' Hong. And if you do not know who that is...WHATTSAMATTA with you????

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    Just... just listen.
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    I liked "New Girl."

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    Quote Originally Posted by darby View Post
    I liked "New Girl."
    color me surprised...

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    Pan Am was... weird.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaingunsofdoom View Post
    Playboy Club was bad.

    Does not compute. Maybe you were watching it wrong?

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    Looks pretty good to me...:P



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